2 Stage Filtration Systems

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After an intense workout session, you fetch a glass of water to quench your thirst. However, you get that faint whiff of chlorine and lingering aftertaste. Disappointing, right? 

Fortunately, the 2-stage water filter traps impurities that impact its taste and smell. This improves the clarity and overall quality of the water.

In this article, we will discuss the types of the 2-stage water filter system and how it works. We will also see the benefits it offers your household.

How Does a 2 Stage Water Filter Work?

A two stage whole house water filter works like a 2-factor authentication system. In the first step, the sediment filter eliminates larger debris like rust, or sand. This ensures that the supply getting to your faucet is free of debris.

In the second stage, the carbon black filter traps tinier contaminants that may have eluded the first step. This stage eliminates other contaminants like lead, chlorine, etc thus improving the overall quality.

So, while there are good quality single-stage filtration systems, two stage water filters act like second-factor authentication, offering a more comprehensive approach to purification. They trap tinier contaminants so the water in your home is truly clean and fresh.

Benefits of Using a 2 Stage Filter

Here are the benefits of having a good 2-step filter in your home:

  • Clean water: The second step eliminates chlorine and other impurities that affect taste and appearance. So, after filtration, you have only clean H2O in your household.
  • Contaminant elimination: The two stages of filtration tackle more contaminants than a single stage water filtration system. You can rest easy knowing that your system provides extra protection by eliminating tinier impurities. 
  • Appliances protection: While your health is the top priority, your appliances will also appreciate clean water. This is because the sediment build-up from hard H2O can damage your appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine. But as the 2 stage whole house water filter system traps these elements, it ensures durability.
  • Easy maintenance: These filtration systems are often low maintenance. You only need to replace the filters regularly to ensure peak performance.

Types of 2 Stage Filters

There are two main types of 2 step filtration systems:

Under Sink Filter

This is the more common choice. It is ideal if you want clean H2O only from the kitchen faucet. As the name suggests, you install it under your sink and connect it directly to your faucet. After the installation, you can get your clean supply on demand from that outlet.

2 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System: 

This system is more holistic, providing clean H2O for your entire home. You install it on your main supply line so that every outlet in your house supplies clean water, not just the kitchen tap. 

How to Install a 2 Stage Filter

You can handle the installation of a 2-step filter as a DIY project, especially if it is an under-sink system. However, you can always consult a professional for installation. They will ensure that your system is set up correctly with no leaks or issues.

Here is a general guide to installing a 2 stage water filtration system.

Note: You can also refer to the manufacturer's instructions for more tailored instructions for your system.

Step 1

Turn off the supply to your kitchen sink.

Step 2

Find a convenient space under your sink for the filter housing.

Step 3

Follow the manufacturer's instructions as you connect the 2-stage water filter housing to your lines.

Step 4

Install the first and second step filter cartridges inside the housing.

Step 5

Flush the system to remove any air bubbles and ensure proper flow.

Step 6

Turn the water supply back on and check for leaks. 


A 2-stage whole house water filter system is a valuable investment in your family and health. It offers cleaner, better-tasting H2O with reduced contaminants.  You can also get a 3 stage filter system that adds another layer of filtration targeting contaminants like heavy metals or bacteria. 

Consider your concerns and budget before you make a decision. If you need some help, please contact us today at Filterway. We are your trusted filtration partners, and our consultants are available to answer your questions and handle the installation of systems to keep your home water clean and clear!