Whole House Water Filtration Systems

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Having refined, healthy, soft, chlorine-free water running out of every tap in your kitchen, toilet etc. is impressive right? By installing a  water filtration systems for the whole house, you can make this possible. You do not have to worry about chemicals and debris in the water when you cook, make coffee, or brush your teeth. It’s goodbye to bad water problems once and for all. 

Expert research shows that there are over 2000 possible pollutants that water gets exposed to daily before it gets to you - rusts from corroded pipes, debris, and the subtle yet dangerous, arsenic. A few tell-tale signs to know that the water is unclean are:

  • It gives off a bad smell
  • Dry hair and itchy skin even after a shower.
  • The water has a sharp taste
  • It has a murky, brown color

The above-named are just a few pointers, some other pollutants could go unnoticed as they are completely inodorous and tasteless - leads, nitrates, arsenic, etc which is why health offices advises you to buy water filters for the whole house and prevent water-borne diseases. 

Types Of Whole House Water Filters

Before you buy a complete house water filtration system you need to figure out what water problem you’re trying to tackle - how badly is the water contaminated, how quickly do you want to have it treated, what type of element are you trying to get rid of? Etc.  

Filterway offers a variety of in-house water filtration systems to help you tackle all kinds of germs in the water. Two major types of whole house water softener and filtration systems are:

  • Backwashing Filters: are perfect for cleansing a large amount of water. If you have had enough of foul water issues and want to sort it out at once for the entire house, then these filters are a sure bet.
  • Cartridge filters: are the most popular kind, you probably already have one installed in your house. They are easy to manage and can be installed without expert assistance or supervision.  The versatility in size and function makes them perfect for use in a variety of places house.

These filters are available in a number of sizes to fit your needs. Two of the popular sizes are:

Benefits of Complete House Water Filtration Systems

Asides from the obvious benefits of providing your household with safe, pure water, other benefits of using a house water purifier system includes:

  • Pure, inodorous water
  • Gets rid of impurities and bacteria
  • Purified, soft water
  • Mild on sensitive skin and reduces skin reactions that are caused by bad water
  • Environmental friendly
  • Saves cost in the long run

What Does It Look Like? 

Conducting thorough water cleansing for your place involves several procedures. These are necessary to combat the various undesirable elements in your water. The water goes through treatment, purification, and softening phases, based on your preference. 

whole house water filtration system

During the treatment phase, the water is sieved using a screen to rid it of large particles like debris and algae. Thereafter, the water is disinfected to treat against unhealthy bacteria that are contained in it by using activated charcoal. The next step is the post-filter phase which helps to dispel any remaining undesirable elements that might have escaped the first two stages. And then finally, the softening process using reverse osmosis to cap it up



The cost of a whole house water filtration system installation ranges from $100 - $2000, and is determined by how badly the water is infected. Note that you will need to change the purifier annually to ensure optimal perfomance. For further assistance contact your seller or a water expert.