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The primary purpose of filtration systems is to sieve out particles, neutralize gases, and get rid of chemicals present in water. Some of the best purification systems will perform these tasks effectively, or perhaps too well!

Often, people will use a water filter to remove minerals, chemicals, heavy metals, and debris. Take an example of a homeowner concerned about a buildup of limescale that is likely to damage their home appliances. In that case, they will often choose purification options that will eliminate calcium and magnesium from the water.

mineral water filters

Unfortunately, such cartridges will not leave behind even essential minerals that are responsible for the growth and proper functioning of the body. Instead, they will take these minerals out and other harmful toxins. 

Unless, of course, you are using ceramic water filter cartridges that use natural media and do not strip water of its essential minerals, the importance of using mineral filters for water cannot be over-emphasized. These cartridges will effectively remove hazardous substances while still allowing you to hydrate with mineral-rich water.

How does it work?

Mineral filters for water are installed in any RO or house water filtration system. They are placed between the system’s holding tank and the water’s outlet.

When water flows in for filtration, it goes through various purification stages where sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria are removed. This water that is now free from pollutants and minerals will go into the holding tank. So, when you open the faucet, water from the holding tank will flow out and go through the water filter with mineral rocks. As it comes into contact with the cartridge, it absorbs essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium and comes out of the faucet remineralized.

Why should you choose a water purifier with minerals?

A couple of reasons why you should consider purchasing water purifier with minerals include:

  • Access to mineral-rich water: these cartridges add calcium which is essential for strong bones, magnesium which supports nerve function, and potassium which ensures our cells have the right amount of fluid in them. They add minerals in the perfect balance, immensely nourishing our bodies. 
  • Better-tasting water: As much as RO systems come highly recommended, their effective elimination of minerals leaves blandly-tasting water. The water regains its great taste through the remineralization process, allowing people to hydrate more often.
  • Restores water’s alkalinity: removal of minerals from the water makes it acidic. And as we all know, high acidity levels can wreak havoc on our bodies. By restoring the minerals, the water becomes alkaline, preventing severe health implications such as acidosis.       

Where to order mineral filters in the US?

FilterWay is your ideal online store in the US, where you can buy ceramic water filters. We are also experts in GAC and sediment filter replacements, helping you find the appropriate one for your purification systems.

Furthermore, all our cartridges are of high quality and guarantee crystal clear water, helping keep your family safe from water-borne infections. 

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