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Did you know that regular tap water might contain harmful substances such as pesticides, asbestos, mercury, lead, chlorine, atrazine, and pharmaceuticals? For some of these contaminants, having them even in minute quantities might be hazardous to your health.

In this case, using refrigerators with filters is a surefire way to ensure your family drinks water free of impurities. Apart from that, you also enjoy better tasting refrigerated foods that remain fresh for extended periods.

Water Filters for LG Refrigerators

How Does LG Water Filter Work?

An LG  filter from Filterway uses the exact working mechanism as an Amana water filter. It contains activated carbon, which is well-known for its impeccable ability to suck in chemicals and harmful gases as well as trap asbestos, sand, particles and debris. As a result, the water becomes clean and fit for consumption.

Additionally, when the carbon comes into contact with chlorinated tap water, a chemical reaction occurs. The process eliminates chlorine, leaving water that tastes better. 

To ensure the contents in your glass maintains their high quality, the need to conduct an LG refrigerator filter replacement is imperative. You need to replace them at least every six months. However, a few circumstances that call for an early replacement includes:

  • When the dispenser’s indicator turns yellow or red
  • When the refrigerator is working at a significantly slower pace
  • When you notice particles or cloudy water.

Benefits of Using LG Water Filter

The numerous perks of using LG purification cartridges include:

  • Fewer toxins in your glass: These carbon cartridges will effectively eliminate unwanted particles and microscopic impurities that are not visible to the naked eye, presenting you with a glass of fresh and clean water.
  • Enjoy better health: Diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea can be fatal for humans. However, your LG dispensing unit will trap harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and parasites, keeping such life-threatening illnesses away.
  • Prolonged appliance life: some of the chemicals that are present in tap water will destroy home appliances such as kettles. The activated carbon in the cartridges will lock in the dirt and chemicals, dispensing clean water that will not ruin your appliances when boiling or using it for cooking.
  • Cost-effective: Bottled water is usually treated to remove harmful toxins. However, such purchases can drain your pockets, especially if you have a large family and are doing it for prolonged periods. Refrigerator dispensers will bring down or eliminate these costs as they provide hygienic water that's perfect for consumption by the whole family.

Types of LG Filters

LG filters come in a variety of models. LG replacement water filters are mostly internal - meaning they are found inside the refrigerator’s compartments. However, same as Kenmore filters, you may also come across those that use external cartridges.

Some of the most popular model numbers include LT700P, LT700P-2, LT800P, LT800P-2, LT1000P, LT1000P-2, and LT120F.

How to Install

Installing your filter for LG fridges will depend on its position. For internal cartridges, you can find its compartment on the lower bottom, on the top-left, or top-right corner. 

Just like Sears refrigerators filters, installing an LG refrigerator water filter replacement cartridge is often a walk in the park. You do not need any specialized machinery, tools, or expertise. However, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s manual if in doubt.

If you have an internal cartridge, here is a step-by-step process on how to install a new one. 

  1. Once you find its compartment, open it by pressing the button. 
  2. Pull down the cartridge and detach it from its housing by turning it counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the protective covering on the new LG refrigerator water filtration cartridge and place it inside the manifold holes. Fix it in place by rotating it in a clockwise direction.
  4. Close the case.
  5. To ensure the system functions efficiently, you will need to remove the trapped air and rid the dispensing system of particles. To do this, you will need to dispense approximately 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of water.

If you are unsure of how to install it, you can always check out the manufacturer’s user guide as it contains detailed information on the ideal cartridge for your refrigerator and how to install it.