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If you are keen on longevity, then you understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. There are various ways to ensure optimal health and what you drink sits atop that list.

Tap water, despite going through decontamination at treatment plants, may contain harmful particles and substances that make you sick. In this case, your fridge is an essential household item that you can leverage to make sure that the content in your glass is pure. It contains a cartridge that sieves out unwanted dirt and impurities that may expose you to illnesses.

filtered water

Why is а Refrigerator Filter Important?

Filters for fridges are an asset in your home because:

  • It improves taste: chlorinated tap water is drinkable but not many people will appreciate its taste. The carbon cartridges, in this case, are known to do away with any traces of chlorine, leaving you with a pleasantly-tasting glass of water.
  • Eliminates toxic substances: treatment plants will undertake purification processes, unfortunately, they will not get rid of unwanted impurities 100%. Additionally, when water goes through the piping system, it comes into contact with debris and other contaminants. Your dispensing unit will sieve these particles and any other toxic substances before they make their way into your glass.
  • Improves your quality of life: Electrolux water filters are quick to trap microorganisms and harmful parasites that may cause you to catch illnesses such as E.coli, salmonella, and diarrhoea. That way, you and your family can enjoy a quality life that is free from the above-mentioned illnesses.

What is the Purpose of a Fridge Water Filter

A filter for refrigerator is bet-suited for:

  • Eliminating chlorine: one of the main purposes of a profile refrigerator water filter is to get rid of the chemicals such as chlorine that are added during the purification process at treatment plants. As a result, your family can enjoy a great chlorine-free taste and hydrate more.
  • Trapping particles: sand, silt and other particles will often find their way into your taps. Your refrigerator's dispensing unit has activated carbon that traps such particles, preventing them from making their way into your glass.
  • Eliminating bacteria: treatment plants do not get rid of 100% of the bacteria. Additionally, as the water goes through pipes (some of which are old and rusty), they come into contact with bacteria and other microorganisms that are harmful to your health. Maytag fridge filters destroy these illness-causing germs, promoting better health.

Why Do I Need to Replace My Filter?

Water filter refrig replacement is essential for two reasons:

  • During the dispensing process, the cartridges, which are made from activated carbon, absorb debris and impurities. Eventually, they trap too many contaminants that they cannot undertake the purification process as expected. So, if you want you and your family members to enjoy optimal health, conducting a refrigerator water filter cartridge replacement is imperative.
  • As you continue using your fridge dispenser, bacteria will inevitably accumulate in your water filter cartridges for refrigerators. When this happens, the cartridges will not function as efficiently and some of the excess bacteria will seep into your cup - posing a health hazard.

When Do I Need to Replace my Fridge Filter?

Fridge water filters replacement needs to be done semiannually or after 200 - 300 gallons. However, if your fridge is dispensing at a slower rate than usual, your cartridge needs to be changed.

Where Can I Buy Water Filters For My Refrigerator?

Replacement cartridges are readily available in various physical stores. However, an easier place to purchase a KitchenAid filter for refrigerator or one that matches well with your favourite brand is on online stores. Typing 'refrigerator water filters near me' presents you with a ton of online shops in your locality that sell these appliances.

How Do I Find the Right Filter For my Fridge?

The first step to finding refrigerator water filters in the USA that are a perfect fit is by identifying your fridge's brand and model. This information is readily available on the manufacturer's manual.

With that information, log on to websites like Filterway and search for a cartridge that fits. Normally, these are experts in water filter for refrigerator replacement and will help you identify one well-suited for your fridge.