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Pleated filter cartridges are one of the most common purification mediums found in many homes. They are often made from polypropylene, but you will also find various of them manufactured from polyester. Their sole purpose is to trap particles and debris onto their surfaces, improving the quality of water we consume. The pleated design serves to increase their surface area, which allows them to hold on to large volumes of sediment.

Pleated sediment filters

The efficacy of these casings increases as they continue holding on to dirt on their surface. The waste forms an extra layer that boosts the straining process. 

Note that a pleated water filter cartridge will be of use unless the water flowing into your home contains sediments. It does not eliminate harmful pesticides, rust, bacteria and metals that may come into contact with water as it travels through the piping system.

Considering that their water purification process does not involve neutralizing disinfectants used in treatment plants, they cannot be used to improve taste or get rid of any foul smells that emanate from your water.   

Material that pleated purifiers can remove

Sediment filters for water can remove:

  • Sand
  • Dust 
  • Metal shavings:
  • Silt
  • Debris 
  • Suspended fine particles

Since pleated filtration removes particulate matter, it is a great option for improving turbidity. As such, they are often used in the pre-purification procedures in the majority of water decontamination systems.

One thing to note, however, is that your poly pleated sediment cartridge filter is replaceable. Switching it out for new casings every half a year is suggested - unless you go for the reusable options. Otherwise, the build-up of sediment will prevent water from flowing through it fast, causing a fall in water pressure.

Advantages of using pleated water filters for home

  • Ensures safe hydration: it eliminates cysts, sand, and other kinds of dirt that may wreak havoc on our health.    
  • High efficacy: Sediment cartridges retain over 90% of all debris and matter that make their way through them.
  • No foaming: since they get rid of organic substances that may cause foaming, you are assured of clean water.
  • Cost-effectiveness: compared to other purification methods - especially those that leverage ultra-violet and other technologies - a pleated sediment water filter offers an inexpensive way to hydrate healthily.
  • Allow other types of water purifiers to work as expected: To get water that is of superior quality, purifiers use a combination of technologies. Water will go into the particle remover before it flows into its carbon counterparts. Eliminating these particles and debris beforehand allows the carbon cartridges to perform their duties at optimal levels.   

At Filterway, we have an array of filters that guarantee safer hydration. All casings are made from premium quality materials, offering unmatched efficiency. If you want more information on sediment filters, contact us today.