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If you are looking to enjoy a tasty glass of water that is free from decontaminating agents used by treatment plants, look no further!

Kinetic degradation fluxion water filters are excellent purification elements that contain copper-zinc granules. They are used together with other purification technologies, leveraging a chemical reaction known as redox to effectively do away with decontaminating agents and debris that may affect the quality of water. They are ideal for household as well as industrial pretreatment and main treatment processes. 

KDF filters work by integrating with harmful pollutants and neutralizing them, leaving behind harmless components. They are becoming more popular because they function as well in higher temperatures compared to regular carbon cartridges. They are also recyclable and essential in prolonging the working life of GAC as well as solid carbon filters.

What do KDF filters remove from water?

KDF filters for water

KDF water filters help eliminate:

  • Chloramines: They will do away with 99% of the chloramines, key components in the decontamination process at treatment plants, to improve the taste of water
  • Soluble heavy metals: The cartridges reduce metals such as lead, copper, and mercury into insoluble elements, trapping them.
  • Harmful microorganisms: KDF leverages an electrochemical reaction to instantly kill illness-causing bacteria.
  • Hydrogen sulphide: They will neutralize hydrogen sulphide reducing it to sulphide - which is insoluble - getting rid of the foul rotten-egg smell.
  • Iron:  A KDF water filter cartridge will react with ferrous cation in iron. It will turn the poisonous metals into ferric hydroxide that does not dissolve in water.    

Where to install the kinetic degradation fluxion water filter?

KDF cartridges are ideal for:

  • Point-of-entry (POE) decontamination technologies 

Also known as whole house water filtration systems, there are systems that perform purification processes at your home’s main inlet. You can install a KDF cartridge in these systems to eliminate impurities before water flows into your home. The decontaminated water is accessible from all water outlets including your kitchen faucets and all bathroom shower heads.

  • Point-of-use (POU) decontamination technologies

You can also install these cartridges directly at water outlets. So, not-so-clean water will flow into your home and into your faucets. However, before it flows out, it will go through the cartridges, which will eliminate pollutants and any unwanted substances. 

Some of the most popular POE solutions include countertop, under-the-sink and faucet purification systems. However, these are not limited to the kitchen. You can also install POE systems that use KDF cartridges in your shower.

To buy KDF filter for water systems in the US, place an order at Filterway. We have carbon water filter replacements for a host of purification systems. Contact us today for more information.