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Many people will drink tap water, thinking that it is safe. However, as much as treatment plants have put purification protocols in place, they use chlorine that affects the water’s taste. Additionally, as they pump water into your home, it goes through pipes that might contain rust and other impurities that have settled in there for a long while, further compromising its quality.

 If you want your family to enjoy good health and minimize the chances of illnesses such as diarrhoea, a Kenmore water fridge filter from Filterway will help you achieve just that.

What GE filters do is get rid of particles, chemicals and unwanted ions. They are an essential part of everyday living as they play an integral role in maintaining our optimal health and that of our loved ones.

How Does  Kenmore Water Filter Work?

Kenmore and Sears fridge filters have activated carbon on the inside. Carbon is widely known for its impressive ability to absorb impurities. It contains tiny holes that effectively trap particles, parasites, and bacteria. With a 0.5 micron rating, a Kenmore refrig water filter will not only bar particles and other debris from making their way into your glass but also cysts.

However, for it to work as efficiently as needed, replacing the cartridge every six months is recommended. The reason is, the cartridge can only hold enough particles and contaminants before wearing out. Once it reaches its working life, it will not be as effective and will allow not-properly-filtered water to pass through. Sometimes, it may release some of the illness-causing particles that were stuck in the carbon, resulting in contaminated water that is unsafe for human consumption.

Water Filters for Kenmore Refrigerators

Benefits of Using Kenmore Water Filter

Some of the benefits of a Kenmore ref water filter include:

  • Keeps away illnesses: E.coli, diarrhea, giardia, and cholera are some of the life-threatening diseases brought about by consuming untreated water. In this case, using a refrigerator’s dispensing unit with purification capabilities eliminates parasites, bacteria, and chemicals that are harmful to your body, serving as an added layer of protection against such illnesses.
  • Saves money: Buying bottled water does not come cheap, especially if you have to do it regularly. Since refrigerators are a household essential, purchasing one with a dispensing unit not only comes with added health advantages but also eliminates the need to buy purified water.
  • Enjoy a refreshing glass: Impurities and chemicals affect the taste of water. By sieving pollutants and chlorine, your family can drink pleasantly tasting water. 

Types of Kenmore Filters

Various replacement water filters for Kenmore exist. Some of the model numbers available include 9130, 9690, and 9083, which are easily compatible with a myriad of refrigerators. 

Their long list of Kenmore replacement water filters for refrigerators is manufactured by either Frigidaire or Whirlpool. They are a popular choice with consumers as they can be used as Amana replacement cartridges, among others.

How to Install

Installing a replacement water filter for Kenmore fridge takes two different approaches. The reason is, the cartridges are either located in the fridge’s compartments or on the outside just beneath its door. 

To install, you first need to find the ideal Kenmore water filter cartridge for your refrigerator.

For the interior:

  1. Locate the cartridge compartment inside the refrigerator
  2. Push or pull the button on its housing to open
  3. Firmly holding it,  turn it counterclockwise and pull it towards you. This will dislodge it from its case.
  4. Take the seal off the new cartridge and install it. Do this by inserting it into the case and turning it clockwise.
  5. If your filter light is yellow or red, you will need to long-press the ‘reset filter’ button.

For cartridges underneath your fridge door:

  1. Find the cartridge's dial at the bottom grill. This is usually just beneath the freezer door
  2. Twist it towards your left and pull it out. Depending on the model, you may need to press a button 
  3. Detach the slide handle from the old cartridge and insert it into the new one
  4. Insert the new cartridge into its compartment at the bottom grill and turn it towards your right to lock it.

If unsure, you can always check out the installation instructions on the manufacturer’s user manual or contact your seller.