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Have you ever poured water into a cup and noticed traces of sand or other organic matter? Well, these are not the only pollutants that you may be drinking!

City water undergoes treatment where it is mixed with chloramines and other purification agents to ensure that it is safe for consumption. However, as the water flows into your home, it may contact metal, chemicals, pesticides, rust, and debris that compromise its purity. 

dual water filter

Dual stage water filters are excellent systems that can help get rid of these toxins, allowing you to hydrate safely. As their name suggests, they treat water by subjecting it to two effective purification processes. 

In the first stage, the water goes through sediment cartridges, which sieve out insoluble particles such as tiny rocks, silt, metal shavings, leaves, and rust. 

In the second stage, the system undertakes a more rigorous purification process, pushing the water through carbon cartridges that eliminate over 90% of chemicals, gases, chloramines, and heavy metals.

With multi stage water filters you need to mount dedicated faucets on the countertops. So, if you are in a rental apartment, make sure you have existing faucet holes before making a purchase. Otherwise, homeowners might need to call in professional drilling experts.

Features of double water filters

Notable features of a dual water filter include:

  • Toxin-free water: this purifier will effectively remove soluble and insoluble pollutants such as arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, herbicides, cysts, and particulate matter hazardous to our bodies.
  • Excellent dirt-holding capacity: the system’s sediment cartridge comprises multiple layers, and the carbon cartridges are activated, providing finer filtration.  
  • Whole-house protection: a dual whole house water filter supplies pure water across the entire home, allowing the family to hydrate, wash, and clean healthily. Since you can also use this water filter to remove minerals, you can say goodbye to a build-up of limescale that is likely to damage your faucets, showerheads, coffeemaker, and other appliances.  
  • Straightforward filter changes: the double filter water design allows you to quickly and easily swap your cartridges for newer ones. You do not need sophisticated tools, and the easy manufacturer guide eliminates the need for professional help. Furthermore, you will not experience any significant spillages during the replacement process. 

Where to buy multi-stage water filters in the US?

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