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Are you in search of good renewal filters for your fridges? Sears replacement water filters may be one of the best filter designs of the 21st-century. They are perfect for most water dispensers! 

How Does Sears Water Filter Work?

Sears fridge water filter extracts water pollutants by trapping them in a thin sheet of an activated carbon layer. The activated carbon layer acts as a magnet and actively attracts pollutants to itself in a process called Chemical Absorption.

These  water refiners are efficient decontamination tools and a necessary component of a ‘complete fridge’. Without them in your fridges, dispensing water for drinking becomes a favourable reservoir and transmission for different microorganisms and poisonous chemicals. 

Benefits of Using Sears Water Filter

Sears Water Filter

Various gains come with using water refiners in sear refrigerators, these could range from preservatory benefits to health and wellness benefits. These benefits are in explicit details in the description of each sears filter available on Filterway. These benefits include;

  1.  Better drinking water conditions: it is unarguable that the quality of water determines the quality of life. Therefore, sears water filters designs are specially made to extract over 99% of water pollutants. These pollutants include chemicals (Volatile organic substances, chlorine, and lead), and micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi).
  2. Retaining the natural character of water: sears water filters help to retain or maintain the natural characteristics of water. The filters get rid of substances producing characteristics such as taste, odour and colour.
  3. Health improvement for your children: Sears filters are useful for households and nurseries because they give access to sanitary water essential for the growth and development of children, especially those between ages zero and five. These filters also prevent the transmission of communicable and non-communicable diseases among under-fives.
  4. Reduces health risks of water-borne disease: use of Sears water filters reduces the risk factors for disease transmission via drinking water. For example, diarrhoeal diseases. 
  5. It is eco-friendly
  6. The use of a sears water filter is not costly

Types of Sears Filter

Water filters for Sears refrigerators are certified by the National Science Foundation (NFS) as healthy, effective and eco-friendly. These filters are however in different categories of strength and the range of pollutants they can prevent from permeating into your drinking water. The following filter brands are available for purchase on Filterway;

  1. Amana Refrigerator Filters: APF-1100 and 3 pack APF-1100x3
  2. Kitchen Aid filters, including APF-0400 and APF-2000
  3. GE filters: These filters include1 and 5 pack APF-1800.
  4. Kenmore filters: Compatible APF-0400, 3 Pack APF-0800x3.
  5. LG water filters
  6. Sears APF-1000

Other filter brands are; Whirlpool filters, Samsung, LG, and Maytag

How to Install

To install a sears filter, ensure to follow the instructions below;

  1. Make sure you read the recommended period for filter renewal. Some of the filters should be removed within or around 6 months from the last insertion.
  2. Locate the sears refrigerator parts for the water filter in your component (fridge or freezer).
  3. Ensure to have a towel or drape close by to wipe excess water drips in the fridge or freezer.
  4. Unlock and remove the old filter by turning the locking knob to the left.
  5. After removing the old filter, use the towel or drape to drain water leaking into the fridge.
  6. Check the new filter for the location of curves, make sure they are pointing upwards then insert them into the filter compartment.
  7. Make sure to turn the knob to the right to lock the filter in place.
  8. Press and hold the reset button to recalibrate the LED water filter indicator.
  9. Let some water out from the dispenser for at least 5 minutes to remove carbon fines in the new filter. 


Drink clean and safe water using these special gadgets. You don't know where to get them? Filterway is the biggest and best online filter distributor. It is a hub that presents all filter brands suitable for refrigerators, freezers or fridges.