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Having a fridge dispenser that sieves dirt, particles, and gets rid of bacteria is one of the best ways you can protect your family from contracting various diseases. A Samsung water filter, particularly, will keep you safe from consuming water that has harmful pollutants such as lead, harmful gases, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. 

Also, considering that sand and silt may find their way into your taps, prolonged ingestion of these particles may cause gastric pain. Luckily, the water filter for Samsung fridges is quick to trap these harmful particles, making sure that whatever you consume is suitable for human consumption.

How Does a Samsung Water Filter Work?

Samsung refrigerator filters contain activated carbon which is the go-to option for purification purposes. What the carbon cartridge does is act as a magnet for particles, debris, bacteria, as well as other hazardous chemicals and gases.

Furthermore, the carbon cartridge neutralizes the chlorine that is used in the decontamination process at treatment plants, ensuring your family drinks water that smells and tastes better.

However, to ensure that you enjoy these perks for the long haul, the importance of water filter replacement for a Samsung fridge cannot be over-emphasized.

Over time, these contaminants will fill up the carbon cartridges. As a result, your Amana refrigerators filters will not be able to work as efficiently.  Also, as you continue using a dispenser with worn-out cartridges, some of the particles and bacteria confined in the carbon will seep into your cup. 

To avoid this, you need to get a replacement filter for Samsung refrigerator twice a year or after you have dispensed 300 gallons. The same applies if the dispenser indicator changes from green to red/yellow or when you notice a blockage.

Benefits of Using a Samsung Water Filter

Some of the well-known perks of using a water filter for Electrolux, Samsung, or any other brand are:

  • Enjoy good health: The carbon cartridges in your refrigerator’s dispensing unit bar impurities from accessing your glass. Some of these pollutants include illness-causing bacteria and parasites. It also eliminates heavy metal, rust, and other hazardous residues, allowing us to enjoy better health.
  • You drink up more: Carbon cartridges neutralize chlorine, which gives water a better taste and encourages people to stay hydrated.
  • Low maintenance: A Samsung freezer filter only needs to be changed twice annually. The replacement process is also straightforward and does not require complex tools or skilled personnel who do not come cheap!

Types of Samsung Filters

These cartridges come in three types, namely:


Like Thermador water filters, these cartridges are well-suited for select fridges. Therefore, when purchasing a new filter for Samsung fridge, make sure you purchase one that is a perfect match. If you are unsure of the right one, you can always check the manufacturer’s manual or contact your seller.

Where to Buy Water Filter for Samsung Refrigerators

You can buy Samsung fridge water filter from a local retailer. However, Filterway gives you a faster and more convenient way to make a purchase. By simply clicking on filterway.com, you can instantly find the ideal cartridge model for your fridge.

How To Install

To replace filter in Samsung fridge, you need to:

  • Locate the cartridge
  • Lift its lid and turn the cartridge counterclockwise to uninstall it.
  • If you have any difficulties unscrewing it, consider dispensing a few gallons because there might be a buildup. Then try again.
  • Take the new cartridge, remove the protective cap and install it. To fix it in place, you will need to turn it clockwise then put back the lid
  • Run a few gallons through the system to flush out air and prevent dripping
  • Reset the dispenser.