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Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are renowned for their ability to filter particles, chemicals, heavy metals, and harmful microorganisms from water. The process involves pushing water through sediment cartridges to remove debris, carbon cartridges to neutralize chemicals and remove heavy metals, and a reverse osmosis membrane to eliminate remaining impurities.

RO membranes are crucial in purification systems, removing particulate matter invisible to the naked eye. The semi-permeable polyamide layer allows only water to pass through, blocking pollutants, including dissolved salts. With a pore size of 0.22–0.45 µm, even bacteria and microorganisms cannot pass through.

Unlike carbon cartridges, RO membrane filters don't use chemical reactions to demineralize water; they simply block impurities. Their efficiency depends on the smallness of their pore size.

Key Features of RO Membranes:

  • Exceptional Purification: Tiny pores provide high filtration, eliminating pollutants, bacteria, and particulate matter.
  • High Permeability: Polyamide material allows superior water permeability and salt rejection.
  • Excellent Chemical Stability: Ensures effective purification even when in contact with harsh chemicals, gases, and heavy metals.
  • Thermal Stability: The Polyethersulfone layer withstands high temperatures.
  • Hydrolysis Resistance: Prevents chemical breakdown of compounds during water treatment.
  • Oxidation Resistance: Resists the effects of chlorine, enhancing system durability.
  • Inhibits Bacterial Growth: Polyamide and polyethersulfone materials prevent bacterial growth.
  • Structural Robustness: Highly durable and structurally robust materials.

RO system membranes generally need replacement every two years, but more frequent changes may be necessary with heavy use or high impurity levels. Regular replacement of GAC and sediment cartridges (typically twice a year) ensures optimal purification and extends the lifespan of the membrane. Routine maintenance of the entire RO system is also recommended.

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