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RO systems are popularly known for their impeccable ability to sieve out particles, chemicals, heavy metals, and illness-causing microorganisms from water. The purification process involves pushing water through sediment cartridges that remove debris, carbon cartridges that neutralize chemicals and eliminate heavy metals, as well as a membrane for reverse osmosis that effectively gets rid of the remaining impurities.

ro membranes

RO membranes are integral in purification systems as they eliminate particulate matter invisible to the naked eye. Its active polyamide layer is semi-permeable, allowing only water to flow through but restricting the passage of pollutants, including totally dissolved salts. Moreover, with a pore size of 0.22–0.45 µm, even bacteria and microorganisms will find it challenging to go through.

Reverse osmosis membrane filters, unlike carbon cartridges, do not use any chemical reactions to demineralize high-mineral water. Instead, they simply block impurities from making their way out of the membrane. Its efficiency depends on how small its pore size is.

Features of reverse osmosis membranes

Notable features of osmosis membranes include:

  • Exceptional purification capabilities: RO membranes have tiny pores that offer high filtration. Apart from eliminating pollutants such as lead, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and debris, they will successfully hold on to bacteria and particulate matter.  
  • High permeability: they are made from Polyamide, which offers superior water permeability and salt rejection capabilities. It will not restrict the flow of water but will disallow impurities from going through.
  • Excellent chemical stability: This feature allows the membrane to effectively undertake purification processes without fail, even when coming into contact with dissolved harsh chemicals, gases, and heavy metals.
  • Impeccable thermal stability: the cartridges are made from a Polyethersulfone layer that holds up impressively well when subjected to high temperatures.
  • Resistant to hydrolysis: During water treatment, you will never experience any chemical breakdown of compounds. Thus, you are assured of crystal clear drinking water safe for consumption.
  • Resistant to oxidation: Chlorine is known to oxidize rubber and other materials. However, these membranes are made to resist the effects of chlorine, increasing the system’s durability.  
  • Inhibits bacteria growth: Polyamide and polyethersulfone do not entertain the growth of bacteria, an attractive quality that makes them best suited for purification purposes.
  • Structural robustness: Polyamide and polyethersulfone are highly durable and structurally robust materials.

How often should you replace RO membranes?

Like your fridge needs refrigerator filter replacements, the cartridges in your RO system need to be switched out for newer ones after some time.

Generally, an RO system membrane should be replaced every two years. However, you may need to order RO membrane replacements sooner if you use the purifier more often or if your water contains high levels of impurities. 

Note that you will also need to get new GAC and sediment cartridges for your purification technology at least twice a year. Doing so ensures that they undertake purification tasks as expected. Additionally, it minimizes the number of toxins going into the membrane, allowing you to enjoy prolonged service.

Last but not least, routine maintenance that focuses on the entire RO system is needed to further increase the membrane's and cartridges’ lifespan.    

Where to order RO system membranes in the US?

FilterWay is an online store where residents in the US can buy a myriad of replacement cartridges for water filters. In addition, we have sediment, GAC, and RO membrane options to suit a host of applications.

The price of reverse osmosis membrane is pocket-friendly, the same as other cartridges. If you are still unsure which one is your appliance’s perfect fit, our friendly customer support agents are willing to help. 

Contact us today for any inquiries.