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Unsafe water is one of the leading risk factors for diseases such as cholera, polio, dysentery, etc. While you might dismiss this as a third world problem, developed nations are not that safe. Most of the pipes through which water travels from reservoirs to your sink are old and rusted, exposing your water to all sorts of germs. 

water filter cartridge

The situation can be remedied by use of water filters. Every household needs water purifiers with replaceable encasings to ensure safe drinking water. 

Water Filter Cartridge Types

There are a variety of replacement cartridges for water filters to buy in the US. Here is a shortlist of some of the most common ones:

  • Sediment filter encasings: sediment filter replacements are one of the most popular type of filter cartridges. These filters carry out the essential work of sifting out large dirt particles from your water.
  • Reverse Osmosis filter encasings: if your goal is to get safe drinking water for your household, then these filters are what you need. 
  • Activated Carbon filter encasings: Charcoal filters for water are known for effectively cleaning out water and ridding it of bad odors. 
  • Ultraviolet filter encasings: are known to provide the safest, cleanest water by completely destroying the germs in them.
  • Inline filter encasings: refrigerators and ice makers are not exempted. These ice filters takes your daily hydration to the next level by ensuring that the water from your ice maker and fridges are germ-free and clean

replacement filter cartridge

All of the above perform unique specific tasks in purifying your water. If you would like to know more on what type is best suited to your water needs, consult a local water expert closest to you.

Why Do You Need To Change Old Filter Cartridges

Making use of old water filter cartridges is counterproductive. Generally, every water filter casing is expected to last for about 12 months, after which you need a new one. Purifiers separate the dirts and deadly bacteria contained in the water, so that clean water comes out of the dispenser or tap. The unwanted particles are stored in the casing over time and need to be changed or it could lead to a clogged filter, which will in turn keep it from functioning properly. 

It will dispense filthy water and that just negates the whole idea of ​​having a purifier installed in the first place. Listed below are a few pointers that tell you when it's time to get a house water filter replacement cartridge:

  • The indicator on the refrigerator comes on
  • The water gives up an unpleasant smell
  • If it has been over a year since you changed the filter


Changing out old water filters is necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. Replacing old water filters promptly equate to healthy, pure water for you. If you would like to buy water filter cartridges or under sink water filter replacement cartridges for your home, then Filterway is the best place to look for quality products at affordable prices. Log into the website for further details.