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Installing granular activated carbon filters is a surefire step to elevating the quality of water your family enjoys. They are made from coconut shells and other carbon-rich elements, making them the perfect material to trap pathogens and matter that can be found in your water.

A GAC filter effectively gets rid of toxic substances that may cause water to develop a metallic or medicinal taste or have a foul smell.  

However, it is particularly vital to note that these systems will not get rid of certain types of pollutants, including but not limited to lead, chromium, iron, mercury, and nitrate. If your water has been tested and found to contain such toxic substances, consider purchasing a reverse osmosis system. 

Chemicals that GAC filters can remove

Some of the compounds that GAC filters for water can get rid of include:

  • Chloramines: when treated water flows into a GAC cartridge, the chloramines present get into contact with the activated charcoal. Immediately, a chemical reaction initiates which neutralizes the chlorine and other chemicals used in treatment plants.
  • Hydrogen sulphide: This gas causes an unpleasant rotten-egg smell that is easily eliminated with the use of GAC water filter cartridges.

GAC filters for water

Other dangerous substances that KDF water filter cartridges attract are:

  • Dissolved organic compounds
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Tannins 

Despite being excellent adsorption agents, the cartridge will gradually reach its maximum soaking capability. Its efficacy level will significantly go down, compromising the quality of water. 

To keep your decontamination systems functioning as expected, you must switch your cartridges at least twice a year or as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. That way, you can rest assured that the contents in your cup are pure.

Types of GAC Filter Systems

Two types of purification systems use granular activated carbon cartridges. They are:

  • Whole-house purification technologies

As their name suggests, these systems ensure that the water in your entire home tastes great, doesn’t have a repulsive smell, and is free from illness-causing bacteria. They are installed at your home’s main water inlet, getting rid of particles and other toxic chemicals before they make their way into your taps or showerheads.

Whole-house purification systems are a favourite of many not only because they produce pure water but also because they eliminate chemicals that may aggravate people with sensitive skin.

  • Point-of-use purification technologies

Unlike their whole-house counterparts, these filters are installed at specific points where the user wants decontaminated water. This could be in their bathroom or kitchen. Popular examples include under-the-sink and counter-top water purifiers.

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