Sediment Water Filters

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Floating particles in a glass of water is not a very pleasant sight to see. Water goes through a bit of a journey before it gets to your house and it attracts all sorts of debris and contaminants as it travels through the pipes to your faucets. While some of those particles are visible to the eyes, there are lots more that are not seen.  These particles, seen and unseen, are called sediments. 

sediment water filter

Sediment filters for water sieves through your water to separate it from debris and harmful bacteria leaving only pure, clean water. Sediment filters are usually the first stage in water filtration systems and it has become common practice to use sediment cartridge filters for RO water purifiers.

Types of Sediment Filter Cartridges

Sediment water filter cartridges serve the primary purpose of sifting the debris and microns out of your water. The difference, however, is in the product style and method of filtration. Below are some of the most popular types of sediment filter replacement:

  • Depth Filters
  • Surface filters
  • Adsorptive filters

How To Replace Sediment Filters For Water

Replacing sediment filter cartridges for water filters is a straightforward process. Here is a step by step guide to help you with the installation and replacement of your sediment filter.

  • Before you begin the replacement process, make sure to have an empty bucket ready to collect the dirty water that would come out of the old filter. And another bucket of soapy water for cleansing later on. 
  • When that is done, shut off the water supply unit to stop the flow of water into the filter
  • Turn on a nearby tap and let the water run until it reduces to a trickle
  • Press the release on top of the housing to release the pressure in the filter. (Note, the transparent part of the image is called the housing. The release button is located at the top of the yellow part of the image)
  • Unscrew the housing from the rest of the filter in a clockwise motion using the wrench that came with the product. If your filter does not come with a wrench you can improvise with any other compatible wrench. 
  • Once housing has been separated, dispose of the old filter cartridge and clean out the housing using the soapy water that was prepared beforehand.
  • Make sure that the O ring is tight, and well fitted. If it’s not, you could seal it in with some adhesive.
  • Place the replacement filter cartridge in the clean housing, making sure that it fits perfectly. 
  • Screw the housing back in place with the wrench, moving it in an anticlockwise motion this time. 
  • Ensure that it fits perfectly so that there are no leaks before turning the water back on

You are all set. No stress, no mess.


Sediment filters form the base of your water filtration system. It is important that you buy and install one into your water filtration system to get the best quality water for use at home, office and everywhere else that water is needed. 

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