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Water filters for Maytag are a vital defence system against various diseases. They sieve dirt and bacteria as well as eliminate the chlorine that is used in the decontamination process at treatment plants, leaving you with clean content in your glass that tastes and smells better.

How Does a Maytag Water Filter Work?

Fridge cartridges contain activated carbon that attracts particles and restrains them, preventing them from making their way into your glass. Their tiny 1micron pores sieve out debris, bacteria, heavy metal, and other harsh chemicals that may affect your quality of life

However, to ensure you are continually hydrating safely, you need to perform a Maytag fridge filter replacement every six months or 200 gallons.

Benefits of Using a Water Filter

Some of the perks of using a water filter for Maytag fridge freezer include:

  • Eliminate toxins: Lead, rust, pharmaceuticals, and gases are some of the toxic substances that may make their way into your taps. Your Electrolux filter will sift all these hazardous metals and chemicals, ensuring you enjoy good health and longevity.
  • Keep diseases at bay: The sieving and sifting process significantly reduces the risks of contracting diseases such as e.coli, diarrhoea, and salmonella.

Types of Maytag Filters

There are six types of Maytag cartridges namely: EDR1RXD1, EDR2RXD1, EDR3RXD1, EDR4RXD1, EDR5RXD1, EDR6D1. Each of these is designed for specific models and can also be used as Kitchenaid filters, among others. 

Where To Buy Maytag Water Filters

Filterway offers a more suitable way to order Maytag refrigerator water filter online. Just log on to filterway.com and use the search button to sift through the myriad of Maytag replacement water filters to find one well-suited for your fridge model.

How To Install

Changing water filter in Maytag refrigerator takes the same approach as replacing Kenmore filters. You will need to:

  • Locate the cartridge which, in most cases, is located in the refrigerator’s interior on the upper-right side
  • Open the case that shelter’s the cartridge
  • Uninstall the cartridge by firmly holding it and twisting it counterclockwise  
  • Take  the new cartridge, remove its protective cap and install it
  • Screw it in place by place by twisting it in a clockwise direction
  • Lock its case then dispense a few gallons down the line just to make sure the fridge dispenser is working as expected.

If you encounter any problems during the replacement process, you can always read your refrigerator’s user manual or contact your seller.