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Rotten egg and other repulsive odours emanating from your glass is not something you want to deal with. Smelly tap water signals bacteria in the piping system or improper decontamination processes at the treatment plants. Drinking such polluted content is not only uncomfortable but is also a potential health hazard.

A Thermador filter is a reliable solution that ensures whatever you drink smells good and tastes even better. It effectively eliminates the ‘bleach’ smell you will experience after drinking chlorinated water and the sulphurous odour resulting from bacteria infestation. Aside from that, your filter for Thermador refrigerator does away with chemicals, pesticides, and debris that is harmful to your health.

How Does a Thermador Water Filter Work?

Thermador water filters contain activated carbon, whose sole purpose is to prevent pollutants from getting into your glass. In addition, they boast perforated holes that confine impurities, including particles and illness-causing bacteria. 

Additionally, when chlorine is exposed to the carbon, it is neutralized. 

Benefits of Using a Thermador Water Filter

Perks of fridge dispenser cartridges include:

  • Eliminating toxins: carbon cartridges will get rid of germs and successfully sieve debris/particles, safeguarding your health
  • Minimizes illnesses: skipping the purification process makes you susceptible to diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea. Carbon cartridges are excellent decontaminants, keeping such illnesses at bay.
  • Eco-friendly: Fridge dispensers minimize the likelihood of drinking store-bought water, allowing you to save money.

However, conducting a Thermador replacement for water filter is imperative to enjoy these perks. This is done every six months or when the appliance sends out a signal. When you order Thermador water filters and change the old ones, you ensure the dispenser continues tackling the decontamination process as expected. It also prevents the cartridges from having a buildup of contaminants and releasing some of the toxins into your cup. 

Types of Thermador Filters

Like LG water filters, the type of Thermador fridge water filter to pick depends on your appliance’s model number - which can be found in the fridge’s interior.

Some of the most popular Thermador water filter replacement cartridges include 11048053, 00750673, 11032531, 00740572, 11044433, and 00491849. If you are unsure which one to purchase, conduct an online compatibility test online by inserting your fridge’s model number and initiating a search query. 

Where To Buy Thermador Water Filter Cartridges

Log on to the Filterway website to find a well-suited Thermador water filter substitute cartridge. These cartridges are well tested and guarantee an effective purification process. They are eco-friendly and trap the majority of contaminants, significantly improving your quality of life.   

How To Install

Changing Thermador water filter is a straightforward process. You need to:

  • Find the carbon cartridge. Unlike most Amana refrigerators filters, this cartridge is located at the bottom left of the appliance 
  • To remove the cartridge, hold its cap and twist it in an anticlockwise direction, then pull it out
  • Remove the cap from the old cartridge and insert it into the new one. 
  • Insert the new cartridge into its compartment and lock it into place by turning it in a clockwise direction
  • Reset the dispenser

You can check the instruction manual for any clarifications or contact your seller.