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The single-stage water filter is becoming popular for health-conscious individuals dealing with the rising cost of living. As people weigh bottled water's high cost against the tap's undesirable taste, more are opting for these filters. But what are they?

A single-stage water filter is a device used to purify water. The process is straightforward and designed to improve the quality of the liquid. These filters typically target specific pollutants or substances, such as chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals. This blog will discuss the single-stage water filter, its benefits, and how you can install it in your home.

How Do Single Stage Whole House Water Filters Work

The single-stage whole-house water filter is installed in your house's main water line. They do not operate like point-of-service water purifiers that are used at specific points like the faucet and dispenser. A whole-house water filter removes pollutants from the entire house’s water supply as it comes from the municipal system or your storage tanks. This device typically contains a carbon block or granulated activated carbon. The carbon traps pollutants like sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, and other substances dissolved in the liquid. The clean liquid flows through the plumbing to the rest of the house.

Benefits of Using 1 Stage Water Filter

Easy to use

  • A 1-stage Water Filter is easy to install and use. It typically consists of one cartridge material and one process. This is convenient for homeowners who prefer straightforward solutions without complicated steps.


Improves Quality

  • These carbon-based materials are designed to remove chlorine and sediment. This, in turn, leaves the liquid odor-free and tasting better.


  • These devices are designed to clean the liquid as it passes through them. They can easily be connected to your municipal water, pressure tank, or fridge. They also come in different forms and designs.


  • This device does not require maintenance. They must just be replaced after a specified period. They are also environmentally friendly as they reduce dependency on bottled water.

Types of Single-Stage Water Filters

The single-stage filters come in different types, each with advantages and suitable applications.


They are connected directly to the kitchen faucet. They can be used in various locations where there is a faucet or tap. The liquid flows through a single-stage water filter system before reaching the tap. These are simple to fit and don't need any changes to the plumbing system.


These devices consist of a cartridge built into a liquid storage container. The pitcher is filled with the liquid. As you pour the liquid from it, it passes through the cartridge, thus removing the pollutants. 


These devices are usually placed on the kitchen counter. They are attached to the faucet through a diverter valve. As you turn on the faucet, the liquid flows through it before coming out of the tap. It makes them suitable for renters or those who want a portable filtration option. 


Some refrigerators have fixed filters that serve as single-stage filtration systems. But you can find separate ones to install in your fridges. They are typically designed to remove chlorine, sediment, and other impurities from the liquid dispensed through the refrigerator's dispenser.

How To Install A Single-Stage Water Filter

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install a single-stage liquid purifier. We will use a typical under-sink filter system as an example.

Materials Needed

  • Single Stage Filter Kit from Filterway. (Separator cartridge, housing unit, connectors, and mounting hardware).
  • Wrench and Pliers.
  • Sealant. (Teflon Tape)
  • Bucket and Towels.


  • Choose an installation spot.
  • Assemble the housing if necessary.
  • Disconnect the cold water supply line.
  • Mount the housing securely.
  • Connect the cold water supply line to the device inlet.
  • Connect the device outlet to the faucet line.
  • Turn on the supply slowly.
  • Check for leaks and tighten connections.
  • Flush the device for a few minutes.
  • Open and close the faucet slowly to check the flow rate.
  • Replace the separator cartridge regularly.


By considering a single-stage filter, you prioritize health and contribute to sustainability. Explore Filterway's high-quality single-stage filters for reliable performance and peace of mind. Visit our website today and make the switch to better hydration. Here's to a healthier, happier you with Filterway!