10 health benefits of drinking filtered water

10 health benefits of drinking filtered water
10 health benefits of drinking filtered water

Did you know that your tap water can be improved?

Dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries, filters have been used to purify water. Up to date, they remain a powerful, convenient, and cost-effective way to enjoy cleaned water.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of filtered water. 

benefits of drinking filtered water

Let us delve into the specifics!

1. Better taste

Encountering a glass of ill-tasting water is not uncommon. One of the most familiar tastes that you may come across is chlorine. Although treatment plants use it in the decontamination process, it does change the taste of water, which may not sit well with many people.

Additionally, as water flows through the pipes, it might get into contact with rust and metals that might give water an unpleasant metallic taste. On the other hand, filtered water for drinking is delightful as it does not contain chlorine, hazardous metals, or any other unhealthy chemicals. 

2. No odour

Sulphur bacteria are notoriously known to yield in water. When this happens, your drinking water faucets will produce an awful rotten-egg-like smell. The same also applies when water mixes with hydrogen sulphide as it flows through pipes and into your home.

Whole house systems for filtering water will effectively eliminate pathogens and gases responsible for the repulsive odour, allowing you to hydrate with relish.

3. Toxin-free

The number of toxins you can find in your tap water is unfathomable, a perfect reason we need to filter water before drinking.

Some of the most common impurities that are likely to flow through your taps include: chloramines, mercury, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, cysts, herbicides, lead - the list is endless. 

Carbon is the ‘magic’ used in filters to get rid of toxins. The fact that doctors have, for the longest time, used it to treat various forms of poisoning says a lot!

4. Better skin

Hydration is a surefire way to rejuvenate the largest body organ - your skin. When you drink filtered water, you hydrate, resulting in soft and supple skin.

Since you are not introducing any illness-causing microorganisms that might be present in untreated water, the skin will be healthy and function as required. In addition, it will efficiently regulate your body’s temperature and effectively detect infections.

Furthermore, you will say goodbye to flaky and itchy skin, allowing you to enjoy better skin health.

5. No more bottled water

Store-bought water is great. However, these costs can escalate fast, especially for a regular buyer with a large family. In this case, one of the pros of purchasing a purification system is that it provides a convenient yet cheap way to access decontaminated water. 

If, for instance, you choose to buy a fridge with a dispenser, you only need to swap the cartridges approximately twice a year or after every 300 or 400 gallons. All this time, you will have access to germ and toxin-free water.

6. Better digestion  

One of the health benefits of decontaminated water is better digestion. Since it eliminates harmful substances, what it leaves behind is clean water that accelerates the absorption of essential minerals in the body.

Besides, filtered water might help break down food particles, speeding up metabolism.

7. Eliminates heavy metals

One of the advantages of using a water filter is that it prevents the consumption of harmful metals while hydrating.

As water flows through old and rusty piping systems, it comes into contact with metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel, and many more. Unfortunately, most of these metals are linked to life-threatening conditions that you can avoid only if you invest in a filtration system.

elminater heavy metals

8. Enhanced hydration

It is only human nature to want more of whatever we find pleasing. Since water that is free from pollutants generally tastes better, your family will hydrate more. You won’t need to keep tracking how much water your kids drink since they will be happy to hydrate!

9. Better coffee

Almond, vanilla, cinnamon, and coconut milk are some ingredients you can use to sweeten your coffee. However, did you know that using filtered water is one of the easiest ways to brew a tantalizing cup?

Water that flows through an excellent filtration system has neither pollutants nor chlorine, giving it a great taste. 

10. Great for the environment 

Filtered water is not only good for health but also for the environment. For the longest time, scientists have warned about the adverse effects of using plastics bottles. Apart from the direct toxicity, especially during the manufacturing process, they have a hazardous impact on the environment.

For instance, during inceneration, plastic bottles will produce greenhouse gases notorious for accelerating global warming, among other environmental dangers.

So, should you filter water?

 drinking filtered water

As a parent looking to safeguard the health of their young ones, installing a filtration system in your home is of the utmost importance. Aside from providing water that does not leave an after-taste or stinks, it is also the healthiest way to hydrate and improve optimal health.

Filtered water good for you and your family. Contact Filter Way today to find the best water purification option ideal for your family.