1-Stage 20" Whole House Water Filtration System by Aquaboon AB-WH20BB-1PL20BB5M

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This Aquaboon Whole House Filter System removes large and fine particles from a drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. Includes pleated sediment filter cartridge, 20'' filter... Read More

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In the realm of "depth" filters, the purification process unfolds as water traverses from the filter's surface to its core. However, when dealing with pleated filters, there's only a slim sheet dedicated to the cleansing endeavor. Does this slender configuration hinder the efficiency of a 5-micron pleated sediment water cartridge? Not at all. This singular layer is meticulously pleated, significantly expanding its surface area to enhance cartridge filtration capacity.

The 20" x 4.5" whole house pleated filter system is skillfully crafted from opaque polypropylene, shielding it from sunlight exposure, which could otherwise foster the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. In contrast to transparent housings, this option prioritizes hygiene without breaking the bank. The big blue pleated sediment water filter system is engineered to endure substantial pressures (up to 90 PSI) and high temperatures (up to 125°F). It holds FDA approval and boasts an extended operational lifespan.

The 20" pleated high-flow water cartridge by Aquaboon excels in capturing various sediment types, including sand, rust, silt, or dirt. For filters with finer filtration degrees, they should only be installed after this product, as it ensures they won't prematurely reach the end of their service life. A notable feature of the pleated sediment water filter is its superior ability to collect uniformly-sized particles, thanks to the absence of layers with varying micron ratings.

This product seamlessly integrates with a range of systems, including Pentek, 153070, 150235, HFPP-1-PR20, 158129, HFPP-PR20, HFPP-34-PR-203, 166141, 166142, 153080, 150069, 166201, BBFS-222, 150070, 150233, 158205, WM R20BB-PL, Hydronix HF45-20CLBK10PR, HX-HF45-20BLBK10, 3M AquaPure AP802, Ronaqua RA-1-124-20S, RA-2-124-20S, LEPAC10541, H-H201BBE, LEPAC10545, 124-20-PL-20BB, RA-124-20-PL, RA-124-20S-PL, Geekpure BB-20T, BB-20B, SimPure RSWHB002Z_S8, Water Filters Depot (WFD) H-20BB-1PR, OKSLO KTTR7942, gdj25618, BLUONICS BLBBC20, BLBB20.

Compatible cartridges encompass Pentek ECP5-20BB, CWD-PENTEK-ECP5-20BB, Harmsco HB-20-5W, ClearChoice CCS038, Tier1 TIER1-ECP5-20, ECP5_20, Flowmatic FMBB-20-5, Hydronix SPC-45-2005, AMI Sediment Filters H-FS20BB5PCAMI, Bruner ECP5-20BB, CP5-20BB, Crystal Quest CQE-RC-04034, Kleen Plus CP5-20BBS, Plymouth Products CP5-20BB, Ronaqua LEPAC7023, RA-8PL20BB, SpiroPure SP-EC5-20BB, Unicel K-40530-B, USFilter / US Filter CP5-20BB, Filbur 20-41205, Watts WPC5FF20, FM-BB-20-5, PWPL20BBM5, FM-BB-20-5.

Enhance your filtration system with our reusable spin-down pre-filter, serving as the first line of defense. It prolongs the lifespan of your standard filters by effectively removing dirt, sand, and rust particles. Please note that the pre-filter is not included in the set.

Actual Dimensions L 7" x D 7 3/4" x H 23"
Production Rate 15 Gallons Per Minute
Working Pressure 40-80 PSI
Temperature Range 40-100°F (38°C)
Weight 13 lbs
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Filters Pleated Sediment Filter