2-Stage 10" Whole House Water Filtration System by Aquaboon AB-2WH10BB-1C10BB5M-1PL10BB5M

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This Aquaboon 2-Stage Whole House Filter System removes chlorine, odors and tastes of many organic compounds, large and fine particles from your drinking water. Includes carbon, pleated sediment filters,... Read More

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[WATER DATA] No matter how quality the 10” carbon sediment filter housing is if it doesn’t correspond your water data. While sediment is more likely to present though because of old pipes or nearby industrial zones, the necessity of the carbon block filter system is in question. It is meant for chlorine, pesticides and VOCs, contrary dissolved inorganic impurities or metals remain beyond its capabilities. Not knowing exact specifications, contact your water supplier or local health department.

[REUSABLE] First, rinse the pleated sediment cartridge 5 micron with plain water to get rid from as much dirt you can. Then just put it inside the housing filled with the oxalic acid solution. If you don't find pre-mixed one, you can prepare it by yourself blending two oz of oxalic acid powder with a gallon of water. The more time the filter contacts the mixture the cleaner it becomes. The final and crucial stages are removing acid leftovers and drying the product out before using the cartridge.

[SET] The 10” x 4.5” 2 stage whole house water filter system (up to 40 000 Gallons) includes sediment and carbon cartridges (up to 90 PSI). The housings with 1” NPT connections, pressure relief button and DOUBLE O-rings. The single strong bracket with screws will keep the carbon and sediment filter system above the floor and a black wrench will help you unscrew the housing to replace filters easily. The FDA grade product provides safety water for your whole family.

[COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS] BLUONICS BB10-CL PL-CTO, WM R10BB-PLC, Aquasure AS-F210PSCB, Pentek 150237, Abundant Flow Water CF-BB210, BLUONICSBLBB10x2, Geekpure BB-10B, BB-10T, Isopure Water ISO-WH2-10B, Max Water 105847-2, Ronaqua RA-2-124-10

[COMPATIBLE CARTRIDGES] WM CTOPL10B4, CTOPL10B8, American Plumber W5CPHD, Clear Choice CCS025, Culligan CP5-BBS, CP5-BB, CP5-BBS-D, DuPont WFHDC8001, Geekpure PP10-BBx4, PL10-BB-5, Harmsco HB-10-5W, KleenWater KW4510BR-5M-Qty1, KW4510BR-Qty4, KW4510BR5M(Qty4), KX MATRIKX 32-425-125-975, KX Technologies 32-425-125-975, Neo-Pure PS-45097-05, OmniFilter TO6-SS2-S06, RS15, Pentek EP-BB, ECP5-BB, CFB-Plus10BB, 255490-43, EP-BB, Watts FM-BB-10-5, PWPL10FFM5.

OPTIONAL PRE-FILTER. The spin-down reusable pre-filter is the first line of defense in your filtration system. It will extend the life of your standard filters by removing dirt, sand, and rust particles. NOT included in the set.

Actual Dimensions L 22 3/8" x D 9 1/2" x H 13 1/4"
Production Rate 15 Gallons Per Minute
Working Pressure 40-80 PSI
Temperature Range 40-100°F (38°C)
Weight 23 lbs
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Filters Carbon Block Filter