Why Is Your Water Filtration System Leaking?

Why Is Your Water Filtration System Leaking?
Why Is Your Water Filtration System Leaking?

The ability to deliver contaminant-free water on demand is one of the major benefits of using under-sink water filters. Since they eliminate the need for store-bought water, households can save money and become more environmentally friendly.

However, in a few instances, some people might experience a leaking water filter. Such unprecedented situations might leave the system working suboptimally or worse, compromise the quality of water flowing through the faucets. 

If you have noticed seeps and are you looking to learn more about how to fix a leaking water filter, you have come to the right place!

This article focuses on filtration system leaks, their causes, and solutions.

Let’s delve into the specifics.

How to identify the reason why the water filter is leaking?

Before you can decide whether to call in a professional plumber or fix the system yourself, it's crucial that you ask one vital question:

 “why is my water filter leaking?”

To quickly pinpoint the problem you need to:

Check the filter cartridge

As cartridges decontaminate water, they come into contact with toxic chemicals and other harmful pollutants that wear them out. Once the cartridges are frayed, you might realize a leakage problem with your whole house water filtration system.

Check for loose connections

Due to extreme temperature changes, especially during winter and summer, a reverse osmosis system’s piping will expand and contract. As a result, the tubes/pipes experience wear and tear, and eventually, the connections loosen up. And that’s when you will notice drips trickling from the system.

Check for clogged filter cartridge

A clogged filter for water will not support a speedy filtration process since the previously sieved-out contaminants will restrict water flow. So, when water cannot go through and accumulates around the cartridge, leakages can be expected.

Check the rubber O-Ring

During the installation process, the filter housing may be tightened a little too much. While we do this to ensure the system is firmly secured in place and no leakages happen, the unwanted might happen. 

Excessively tightening the canister might squeeze the rubber O-Ring, allowing water to seep through.

Check for leaks

It's an excellent idea to check for a water filter leak even when connections are perfectly done and the filters are in great working condition. Sometimes, the issue may result from tank damage or a poorly constructed or improperly fitting system.

How to prevent leakage?

The best ways to prevent under-sink water filter leaking problems are: 

Making sure the connections are just right 

Loose connections are a common cause of system leaks. The same applies to tight connections that lead to hairline cracks.

Ensuring the system is tightened just right and the quick-connect tube fittings are installed to perfection will prevent such leaks.

Replacing cartridges in a timely fashion

Since clogged and worn-out cartridges are other causes of water filter housing leaking issues, it’s advisable to replace them.

How often you switch them out depends on what ails your water. 

But generally, you should schedule replacements at least twice a year, as directed by the manufacturer, or after dispensing a certain amount of water.

Confirming the O-Ring sits properly

The O-rings should fit on the grooves as required to prevent possible seepage. That means lubing them regularly. Also, the o-rings should be unstained often as dirty ones will not seal the connections well.

If you come across damaged O-rings that result from over-tightening, it is essential that you replace them immediately.

What are the main causes of water filtration leaks?

Is your whole house water filter leaking from the top? Here are possible reasons why:

  • Dirty, faulty, or misaligned o-rings
  • Loose valves or connections
  • Damaged or broken filter housing
  • Incompatible or faulty fittings
  • Clogged and worn-out cartridges
  • Incorrect installation

Why leaking water filtration systems is dangerous?

Many homeowners may not realize how harmful the seepages can be.

Below are some of the reasons why fixing a leaking system should be top of mind.

  • Structural damage

While many people would not classify small leaks as emergency situations, they can be very hazardous in the long run. Over time, as water continues to trickle on the floor or basement, it will cause structural damage. This is particularly a safety hazard as it compromises your home’s foundation.

For these reasons, conducting regular maintenance is of paramount importance. That way, you can repair drips before they wreak havoc on one of your most-priced possessions - your home.

  •  Higher water bills

While the tiny drops seeping through the system might not seem much, the amount accumulates over time. Unfortunately, you will pay for the regular house water consumption as well as the wastage, which translates into increased utility bills. 

  • Molds and mildew

Water seepage presents the perfect environment for the growth of molds, mildew, and fungus. If not handled pronto, a mold problem poses a health hazard since they produce allergens that will irritate the skin when touched or cause allergic reactions when inhaled.

  • Possible water contamination

Drips and trickles are tell-tale signs that your system is exposed. Such areas provide room for bacteria, pathogens, and other impurities to make their way into your faucets. 


Water filtration systems are now a popular home addition, both for homeowners and renters. 

And to make certain that people enjoy their benefits for the long term, these systems are built to last. They can serve households for a couple of years while in perfect condition.

But when you buy, you must consider the possibility of filtration system leakages. It's vital that you schedule repairs immediately. Depending on the magnitude of the problem you might either fix it yourself or call in the experts.

But did you know that purchasing quality systems and their replacement parts is a surefire way to minimize the chances of such seepages?

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