Under Sink Water Filters: Features & How It Works

Under Sink Water Filters: Features & How It Works
Under Sink Water Filters: Features & How It Works

Undersink Water Filters

Doing away with bottled water is a thing you should deliberate over. They are costly, which will bring about unpleasant financial implications, especially if you purchase them regularly. Additionally, their continued use contributes to environmental degradation.

Despite this, consuming tap water is a no-no! Although it undergoes decontamination at treatment plants, the process leaves behind some bacteria and dirt that is damaging to your health.

Installing sink water filters is a surefire way to guarantee your cup's contents are safe and clean. They are an essential addition to your household appliances as they safeguard you from dirt, particles, toxic matter, sand, debris, and parasites that make you susceptible to numerous diseases, including cholera, typhoid, amoebiasis, e.coli, and diarrhoea.

Since they are lodged underneath the sink, they are the best possible distillation solution for smaller kitchen spaces. Besides, they are a cost-effective alternative to purchasing store-bought water and maintaining them is simply effortless.

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What is an Under Sink Water Filter System?

You can leverage undersink water filters for decontamination and sifting purposes. As their name suggests they are mostly fitted in the cabinet below the sink. You can fix them in the bathrooms, but most people fit them in their kitchen sinks.

When mounting, you will link the under cabinet water filter system to your main water supply line. Depending on the system you pick, the flow will either go through your ‘normal’ tap or a dedicated faucet.

The undersink water filter system is a decontamination option that many renters and homeowners would rather have. The reason is they are moderately easy to mount. Additionally, they effectively eliminate a more significant number of toxins as compared to other decontaminants.

Under Sink Filtration for Healthy, Great-Tasting Water

During the sieving and impurity-removing process at treatment plants, chemicals will often be added for disinfection purposes. As much as this process safeguards our health, it leaves us consuming glass contents with an unpleasant taste.

Additionally, as treatment plants release it into our homes, it might come into contact with bacteria buildup in the piping system. Some of these bacteria might release hydrogen sulphide, a gas that may not only cause it to taste bad but also have a rotten egg-like odour.

An under the counter water filter, in this case, is your foolproof solution to contents that tastes excellent and is perfect for consumption. 

Find the Best Under Sink Water Filter System for Your Home

With the numerous models available for purchase, narrowing them down to one can be overwhelming.

Luckily, Filterway is here to help.

Below are some of the factors that should remain top of mind when picking your best-suited system.

  •  Pollutants to be decontaminated

You need to think about and examine what flows into your home before picking your well-suited under cabinet purification device. Microorganisms, rust, debris, pesticide, nitrates, and fluoride are only a few pollutants that the system can get rid of. 

If dangerous compounds and gases are some of the hazardous impurities that trickle through your taps, fitting a  semi-permeable membrane for RO under your home sinks should remain top of mind.

  • Faucet 

Some under cabinet home purification devices are bundled up with additional faucets, which can be mounted hassle-free in kitchens with pre-fabricated holes on the sink. However, if these holes are non-existent, you might need to drill holes for the RO faucets which you can find on page with parts and replacements for water filters - which can be unacceptable to some homeowners. 

  • Water output

The output of one under the counter water filtration system differs from another. As such, it is vital that you give thought to your family’s water usage before settling for a specific unit.

Built with High-Quality Materials

Like fridge water filters, these appliances have cartridges manufactured out of carbon that effectively sieves out particles, debris, and bacteria. Additionally, they contain semi-permeable materials that will eliminate metals, chemicals, and other dangerous materials.  

However, to enjoy these perks, you need to undertake under sink water filter replacements. If your unit uses semi permeable RO tech, you need to change them every couple of years. However, those that use carbon cartridges need changing every six months - unless you are using it in a commercial setting where you may be required to switch it after four months.

Sink Water Filters

How Do You Mount An Under Sink Water Filter?

Fitting an undercounter water filtration system is uncomplicated. However, taking into account that they are of varying models and their working mechanisms differ, you will need to check out the manufacturer’s guide and follow the step-by-step instructions.