What is the PH Value of Water: All You Need to Know About It — FilterWay

What is the PH Value of Water: All You Need to Know About It — FilterWay
What is the PH Value of Water: All You Need to Know About It — FilterWay

The pH of water: what you need to know

Water is an essential element, critical in maintaining optimal temperatures, ensuring the proper functioning of body organs, and many more.

And did you know that the water's pH level determines how well the body undertakes these functions?

Excessive acidity or alkalinity affects our bodies in various ways and it is only by understanding pH levels that we can make sane decisions that improve our overall health and wellness.

This article focuses on water pH levels, the effects of pH on water and human health, and what the best pH water to drink.

But first…

What is water pH?

Water pH represents the number of free hydrogen ions present in the water. The fewer the hydrogen ions, the more acidic the water.

In layman's language, pH is the acidity or alkalinity level of water. The levels are represented by numbers 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral water.

The effect of pH on water and human health

So, what should water ph level be?

As stated earlier, the normal water pH level is 7. However, water flowing into our homes will come into contact with contaminants, which raises or lowers these pH levels.

When the pH levels are below 7 (0-6), the water becomes acidic. If it rises above 7 (8-14), it becomes alkaline.

While various factors might trigger acidity in our bodies, drinking water with a pH lower than 7 tops that list. This is particularly detrimental as it creates a conducive environment that breeds diseases and other unhealthy conditions. 

On the other hand, when water alkaline levels go up excessively, the water develops a bitter taste. Also, it will wreak havoc on the the body, challenging the key metabolic processes. And to get back to homeostasis, the body will need to produce excessive hydrochloric acid.

Drinking water pH level chart

Here is a drinking water ph level chart for further elaborations


pH Number  


14 Drain cleaner

13 Bleach

12 Soap

11 Ammonia solution

10 Stomach tablets

9  Baking Soda

8  Blood


7 Water 


6 Milk

5 Coffee

4 Tomato

3 Vinegar

2 Lemon

1 Hydrochloric acid

0 Battery


What pH is safe for drinking water?

EPA recommends pH levels of between 6.5 and 9. However, a healthy water ph level should be 7 - right in the middle.

It's good to note that values above or beyond the 7 mark may contain impurities. 

For instance, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxic substances will bring down the pH levels, making the water acidic.

Besides, when the water has an excess of minerals, it is classified as hard water and falls in the alkaline section.

Risks and benefits of acids and alkalis in drinking water

We highlight the risks and benefits of drinking water high in acidity and alkalinity. 


Acids are a key component needed during digestion. Furthermore, they potentially could also reduce the severity of skin conditions such as Atopic dermatitis.

However, the potential benefits of acidity drinking water is only a handful compared to the adverse effects they can have on your body. 

For instance:

  • Unlike pure water, acidic water will destroy teeth by increasing the risk of decay and eroding of the enamel.
  • Acids may hinder the absorption of calcium which is detrimental to bone health
  • Acids indicate the presence of heavy metals, chemicals, or other toxic pollutants in the water
  • Acids will damage your home's plumbing by corroding the piping system and dissolving metal pipes. As a result, you may experience leakages in the long run or drink water with large amounts of heavy metals.


If you are a health and wellness enthusiast, you have probably heard claims that alkaline water slows down aging, boosts weight loss, better nutrient absorption, and prevents various chronic diseases. 

While there is no scientific evidence to back these claims, studies have shown that slightly alkaline water can treat acid reflux, with another study showing it’s a possible treatment for hypertension and diabetes.

On the flip side, since alkaline pH values differ from those of pure water, excessive use or consumption might lead to:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • An upset stomach
  • It also indicates the presence of minerals, causing a not-so-pleasant taste.

How to conduct a pH test of drinking water

pH water

For accurate water testing ph levels, visit a lab where the specialists use an electronic pH meter for precise measurements.

However, you can easily find out if what you drink contains good pH, or otherwise, using litmus paper. 

To do this, fetch a few milliliters of water, dip one end of the litmus paper into the water and immediately pull it out. The litmus paper will change color according to the pH value of the water. 

Whether the values are above or below the ph level of pure water, is what determines the type of decontamination system to get rid of impurities and get the value as close to 7 as possible.

(You should note that litmus papers only provide estimates and the pH levels presented might not be 100% accurate.)

Bottom Line

Drinking good pHwater is a safe way to hydrate. While you might not be in a position to immediately tell your water's acidity or alkalinity, be keen on its taste and smell.

Unpleasant smells and tastes indicate the presence of toxins, which affect pH levels. As a preventive measure, and to ensure you drink clean water, it's vital that you install point-of-use water filter cartridges or a water filter for the whole house that will eliminate these impurities and balance water pH.

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