Drinking Ionized Water: Are There Health Benefits? — FilterWay

Drinking Ionized Water: Are There Health Benefits? — FilterWay
Drinking Ionized Water: Are There Health Benefits? — FilterWay

Is ionized water really better for you?

Doctors, trainers, and nutritionists will insist on the importance of hydrating; the same as blogs and other online forums. And if you are a fitness and health enthusiast, you will probably realize that many of them encourage drinking ionized water. 

Ionized water: is it a trend, a wave, or is it really better for you?

Today we focus on what is ionization water, digging deeper into its potential health benefits and risks. We will also look at how it differentiates from regular water and answer one simple question at the end..

"Is ionized water good for you?"

But first, let's understand the ionized definition.

The significance of ionized water

ionized water

So, what is ionized water?

This is simply neutral water with added minerals. In other words, it is alkaline water commercially available for sale. The drink has gained traction  over the last few years as a healthy drink,  boasting numerous health benefits. 

How is ionized water used?

Most people will be eager to drown several refreshing gulps of their alkaline ionized water immediately when they purchase it - and it's expected!

But did you know that ionized water has more benefits than one?

For starters:

  • Taking a bath with alkaline water showed possible improvement of skin conditions that resulted from the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Research has shown that alkaline ionized water has the potential to manage metabolic acidosis in dialysis patients and those with renal failure.

What are the health benefits of ionized water?

While the potential perks of hydrating using ionized water have not been validated, many still believe they have powerful benefits that improve our overall well-being.

Some of the advantages of drinking ionized water include:

  • Helping people with acidity restore the body's natural pH balance. This replenishes and heals their bodies, minimizing bloating, indigestion, and other serious health conditions.
  • Acting as an antioxidant. Purified alkaline water contains a lot of electrons, which will effectively neutralize the body's free radicals responsible for cellular damage, and various other unpleasant issues.
  • Facilitating better hydration since absorption of ionized water is faster than that of regular water. This allows better regulation of the body temperature as well as the optimal functioning of all organs.
  • Improving bone health as it is packed with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This is an excellent step to minimizing the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Neutralizing the body's acidity levels and minimizing acid reflux is another popular benefit of drinking alkaline water. 

Risks associated with ionized water

Ionization water is considered safe and studies that show otherwise are yet to be released.

However, in some instances, drinking ions of water in excess will essentially mess with the stomach's pH levels. Luckily the body will embark on producing more hydrochloric acid to help in digestion and to regain the body's natural pH levels.

Additionally, prolonged use of ionized water on your skin and hair is not good. High alkaline levels will irritate the skin and scalp, as well as cause hair to break.

Ionized water vs. regular water

The question as to which of the two is superior, comes down to personal preference.

In the section, we will highlight the importance of both ionized and regular water, sharing their benefits and risks in-depth. 

Ionized water

Ionized water is alkaline, hence has a pH level that ranges between 8 and 9, which is slightly higher than that of regular water. For this reason, many people tend to consider it a better option, especially if their bodies are experiencing high acidity levels.

And that is just the beginning!

Many users claim that ionized water can treat chronic diseases and help with certain conditions. 

For instance, this research shows that alkaline drinking water with a pH of 8.8 can be instrumental in the treatment of reflux disease, with another study showing it can potentially alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms.

But these are just claims not backed by any concrete evidence.

On the flip side, excessive use of alkaline water can also dry out the skin, damage hair, and cause a stomach upset.

Regular water

Regular water is a popular choice for most people looking to hydrate and improve their overall health as it is considered a neutral element.

So, what makes pure water neutral?

With a pH of 7, pure water contains the same number of hydrogen and hydroxide ions, which is why it's ideal for regulating the body temperature.

Additionally, regular water is proven to flush out toxins, aid in digestion, boost weight loss, reduce headaches, promote healthier skin, and many more.

The only drawback of pure water is that it doesn't have minerals such as calcium and magnesium. However, this is easily fixable with the help of ionization water filters.

These systems work by injecting ions into neutral water, increasing the pH levels. That way, people suffering from acid reflux can enjoy lower acidity levels once the water ionizes.

Bottom Line

Both ionized and regular water is great for the body. But whichever you go for, it's vital that you ascertain its purity.

As water leaves the treatment plant, it flows through pipes where it comes into contact with a host of impurities. For instance, water can dissolve pesticides, and flow through heavy metals, and harmful microorganisms.

And placing this water in an ionizer will add minerals but will not decontaminate it.  

That is why you need a robust point-of-use purification system or water filter for the whole house. These treatment solutions will ensure you access water that is free from bacteria, debris, chemicals, and toxic metals.

Also, they will eliminate the chloramines used in the disinfection process at treatment plants and do away with hydrogen sulfide - the gas notorious for the rotten-egg odor. 

If you are looking to install pure water solutions in your home, look no further than Filterway. 

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