E.Coli water treatment

Over 260,000 people in America experience E.Coli infections yearly, most of which are caused by eating poorly cooked foods, raw milk, or drinking contaminated water.

Escherichia coli, or E. coli, is a coliform bacteria found in human or animal intestines. The presence of this microorganism in drinking water is a clear sign of recent sewage contamination and an indication that it’s time to get a water filter for E.Coli. Also, recent snow melts, heavy rainfalls, or other forms of precipitation can easily wash the bacteria from the environment into creeks, rivers, lakes, etc.

If these bodies are the source of drinking water in an area, many people will become exposed to contamination and experience adverse health issues if they do not have E.Coli water filters.

What happens if you drink liquid with E. Coli?

Although most strains of this bacteria are harmless, infants and geriatrics are particularly susceptible to a few harmful strains that produce potent toxins. While healthy adults will typically recover from contamination within one week, infants and the elderly are at risk of developing kidney failure. An infection typically shows symptoms three to four days after being exposed to the bacteria, and the symptoms may include:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Low fever in some cases.

Thankfully, the appropriate filters for water entering your house can prevent infection and keep you safe.

What filters remove E. coli?

When water tests positive, a simple way to get rid of the bacteria is to boil it. However, water filters for E.Coli are a less strenuous option, and you could get 20 x 4.5 water filters for filtering the entire home supply.

There are top 5 water purifier methods that are suitable for removing bacteria. And below, we mention two additional systems that can also work in removing this bacteria

  1. Ultraviolet filtration:
  2. E.Coli water treatment with UV rays is a cost-effective and low-maintenance option. It does not involve any chemicals, does not change the taste or smell of your aqua, and can be incorporated to filter the water entering your house. In this system, UV rays from a high-pressure lamp disrupt the DNA of the bacteria, affecting their ability to reproduce, thereby inactivating them.

  3. Reverse Osmosis filtration:
  4. This method is effective because of the many filter stages the water passes through. Reverse osmosis forces liquid into a semi-permeable membrane that filters the impurities out. Most RO systems incorporate carbon filters to further increase purity.

What is the best treatment?

Of all the E.Coli water treatment filters, UV filtration is the one with the most advantages. Chlorine, chloramine, and other chemical treatments may leave a bad taste or form disinfectant byproducts. Though effective, membrane technologies like ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis still stand the risk of bacteria growing through the membranes.

Where to buy the best chloramine remover?

The importance of E.Coli purification cannot be overemphasized. Hence, you need to ensure that the measures you take are effective. You can purchase the best and most reliable E.Coli filters at FilterWay or other reliable online stores. If you choose to purchase at other regular retailers, ensure that they are reputable and have positive reviews.

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