What is the Best Apartment Water Filter?

What is the Best Apartment Water Filter?
What is the Best Apartment Water Filter?

Many apartments in the United States get their water supply from the municipal. Despite undergoing a decontamination process, the water may come into contact with debris and dissolve harmful contaminants, forcing homeowners to take deliberate measures to ensure only quality water flows through their faucets.

And the struggle is even worse for people living in apartments!

Many purification systems will involve complex installation processes that may not sit well with landlords. So, hydrating safely may be challenging for many.

This article focuses on the best water filters for apartments that will ensure you enjoy quality drinking water that keeps you safe.

Importance of Choosing the Right Water Filter

Choosing the right system for your apartment is vital because:

  • It ensures you purchase a filter for water suitable for your decontamination needs, whether you are dealing with an iron problem or just want to improve the taste.
  • It eliminates problems associated with a breach of contract since many landlords are skeptical about home improvements.
  • You will have an optimally-functioning system that keeps up with your household’s H2O demands.
  • You will have a filter that you can maintain.

Common Types of Water Filters

The common types of filtration systems that you will find in the market include:

Reverse Osmosis Systems

This is the best water purifier for home in the USA as it removes an array of decontaminants including toxic chemicals, heavy metals, debris, pathogens, chlorine, and gases. They mostly have complex installation processes that involve the drilling of holes, but with the evolution of the filtration industry, we are now seeing more countertop options that are apartment-friendly.

Carbon Filters

Active carbon filters are made from carbon or charcoal and have a large adsorption surface. They will effectively eliminate chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, VOCs, and debris. Although, if you are looking to get rid of viruses and pathogens, you will need to pair it with another purification system such as the ultra-violet system.

KDF Media

The kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF) media is another effective treatment system that neutralizes contaminants through a redox reaction. It is a common filtration option, doing away with heavy metals and improving taste/smell by getting rid of chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. It also inhibits bacteria growth, keeping illnesses at bay.    

KDF water filters are recyclable and maintain their effectiveness even when subjected to hot water. However, they require backwashing and will not do away with organic chemicals.

Options for choosing an Apartment Water Filter

If you have rented an apartment, you understand that not all decontamination options are viable. You must find one that does not require complicated installation processes.

Below we share some ideal solutions, helping you find the perfect water filtration system for apartment that landlords won’t frown upon. 


If you are looking for an affordable way to encourage safe hydration in your home, pitchers are an ideal option. They will eliminate harmful contaminants and improve your water’s taste for more enjoyable hydration. 

And the best part? 

Pitchers are placed on the countertop and do not need any installation. However, they are often of a small capacity and need regular refilling, making them unsuitable for large families. 

Countertop filtration system

As its name suggests, this system is designed to be placed on the countertop. It is the best water filter sink attachment since it doesn’t need you to drill holes for an extra faucet. Apart from being low maintenance, it’s portable, and perfect for people who are always on the move.

On the flip side, most countertop options do not exhaustively eliminate toxins since they offer one-stage purification - that is unless to go for the countertop RO option.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis System   

As stated earlier, RO systems are excellent treatment options. The reason is, these systems feature multiple purification phases and will effectively get rid of impurities that are in the form of particles, chemicals, gases, heavy metals, and bacteria.

The countertop options are great but will need a bit of extra space. RO systems are also well-known for water wastage and this system is not any different. However, many homeowners will use the wastewater to undertake other household chores and for irrigation purposes.    

Faucet water filters

Are you considering buying the best water filters for faucets? The faucet filter should be top of mind. 

These systems use carbon technology and are directly mounted on the faucet. They are among the cheapest water filtration for apartments solutions and the easiest to install. However, the water has minimal contact with the purification medium, which makes it less efficient than its counterparts. 

Understanding Apartment Water Quality and Filtration Needs

Before settling for a purification system, the importance of understanding the quality of H20 in your apartment cannot be over-emphasized. It is the only way you can be sure that whatever flows out of the faucets is safe for consumption or use.

For this reason, getting your water tested is vital. You need to take a sample to a relevant laboratory, where they will check for all the contaminants and give you a thorough analysis of the pollutants they found. By understanding your filtration needs, you are in a better position to buy the perfect system for your apartment.

Best Water Filter for an Apartment

While the pitchers, faucet filters, and countertop systems may work, an under-sink reverse osmosis system is the best water filter for an apartment. The system is fitted with multiple treatment materials which trap and eliminate a wide range of toxins.

Furthermore, many apartments have sinks that come with additional holes, which can come in handy when installing the additional faucet. Otherwise, you can always talk to your landlord about professionally drilling an extra hole, which is often not complicated.     


There you have it! The ideal systems that provide a better and safer hydrating experience. 

At Filterway, providing an excellent way to access pure water is our goal. We are industry experts selling top-notch filtration systems that address a wide range of decontamination needs. We also have an array of replacement cartridges, to ensure the filter you choose continually provides you with impurity-free safe water.

Still have questions about the best apartment water filter? Talk to us today.