Are Whole House Water Filtration Systems Worth It

Are Whole House Water Filtration Systems Worth It
Are Whole House Water Filtration Systems Worth It

Concerns over drinking water quality are increasing, leading many to install whole-house filtration systems. A recent survey shows that 71% of Americans trust these systems to reduce contaminants effectively. A whole house water filter setup ensures a steady clean water supply from all faucets and showers. But like any investment, you might ask, “Are whole house water filtration systems worth it?”

Read on as we explore the advantages of these devices. This will help you to determine if they justify the cost.

Filtering Benefits of Water Filtration System

Do whole house water filters work for well and city water?” Absolutely! These systems are effective solutions for all water sources. Let's explore the benefits and features of each source.

Whole House Systems for Well Water

  • Sediment and Particle Removal. Wells often have sand and other form of particles. Whole house systems use sediment filters to remove these particles, preventing clogs in pipes and appliances.
  • Bacteria and Microorganism Removal. Depending on the location, some wells may be contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. These can cause various health problems. However, WHS can remove these dangerous organisms using UV or other disinfection methods.
  • Iron and Manganese Filtration. Wells, especially those located in mining and industrial areas may have high levels of iron and manganese. These contaminants affect the taste, and odor of water. It can also cause stains. The best water filtration systems for whole house use boast specialized filters that target these elements, improving taste and preventing stains.
  • Odor Elimination. Underground organic matter, like decomposing plants, can generate hydrogen sulfide. In certain situations, this gas may seep into well systems, creating unpleasant smells. WHS uses activated carbon filters to effectively remove this gas, eliminating the distinct "rotten egg" smell it is known for.
  • Softening. Wells often have high mineral content, leading to hardness. Softeners in a whole house water filter for well water exchange calcium and magnesium ions, preventing scale buildup.
  • pH Balancing. If you live near a mining area, chances are your well has imbalanced pH levels due to the acidity of the area. Some WHS come with pH-balancing filters to correct this and ensure that pH levels fall within the desired range.

Whole House Systems for City Water

  • Chlorine and Chloramine Removal. If you use a city source and are wondering, 'Is whole house water filtration worth it?' The answer is yes. City sources often contain elements chlorine or chloramine disinfectants, used to treat the water. WHS uses carbon filters to eliminate these chemicals, improving taste and reducing exposure to disinfection byproducts.
  • Heavy Metal Filtration. Even though municipal or city water is usually treated, it may have trace amounts of heavy metals. WHS with specialized filters reduce or eliminate heavy metal content, ensuring a safe alternative.
  • VOC Reduction. Municipal sources may also contain VOCs from industrial processes. Whole house filtration units use activated carbon filters to reduce the presence of VOCs, enhancing alternative quality.
  • Scale Prevention. Homes that rely on municipal sources can still get hard water due to the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. However, this can be bad for your plumbing and appliances. Softeners in WHS remove the hardness, stop scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, and make these fixtures last longer. This justifies the cost of water filtration system for home use.
  • Bacterial and Microbial Control. Despite treatment, city sources may still harbor bacteria and microbes. WHS using UV or other disinfection methods adds an extra layer of defense against harmful microorganisms.

Whole House Systems and Cost Considerations

Let's see why choosing a whole-house system (WHS) might be better than getting smaller ones like point-of-use (POU) systems.

Reducing the Filtering System Maintenance Cost

Although the cost of a whole house water filtration system may seem pricier upfront, its durability and advanced filtration technology justify the higher initial expense by minimizing maintenance costs over time.

WHS not only boasts robust components and longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements but also multiple filtration stages, preventing contaminants from reaching plumbing and appliances, and minimizing potential damage and repair expenses. The centralized nature of WHS provides economies of scale, offering a more cost-effective maintenance and operation solution compared to managing multiple smaller filtration units throughout the house.

Also, the time saved on frequent maintenance contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of WHS, providing homeowners with convenient and reliable equipment that requires less hands-on attention.

Whole House System As an All-in-One Filtering Solution

WHS provides a comprehensive solution to address a wide range of water quality issues in a single unit. Unlike multiple point-of-use units, WHS handles different contaminants, simplifying water management for homeowners. Additionally, its compact design takes up less space in utility rooms, optimizing available space efficiently.

Lastly, the streamlined installation process of a WHS involves one setup, saving time. At the end of the day, the installation cost of water filtration systems for whole house is lesser compared to multiple installations for different filtering units.

Increasing Your Household Value With Whole House Systems

You may be asking yourself, do I need a water filtration system? 

Investing in a filtration system not only ensures healthier water but also boosts your home's value. Today, many buyers care about water quality and see filters as necessary. A WHS shows you're dedicated to a safe and clean water supply, making your property more attractive.

Beyond the increased home value, installing a WHS leads to long-term savings. Unlike point-of-use filters that require frequent replacements and add up maintenance costs, a whole house system filters at the source. This eliminates the need for individual filters or bottled water expenses. By reducing reliance on single-use filters and plastic bottles, a whole house system supports eco-friendly living practices, valued by homeowners and buyers.

Plus, investing in a WHS helps avoid potential issues during the home-selling process. Buyers often inquire about water quality reports and may conduct inspections. Proactively installing a filtration system demonstrates transparency, addressing potential concerns. This gives buyers confidence in the property, enhancing its appeal.

How To Choose the Right Whole House System

If you want clean water around the clock for your home, a Whole House Water Filter (WHS) is a valuable investment. What does a whole house water filter do? To quickly recap, it filters all the water in your house, removing sediments, contaminants, and impurities. This promotes health, prevents appliance damage, and improves water quality—an essential for a healthy home. 

Ready to buy one for your home? Here's what to look for.

  • NSF Certification. Select a product that has earned NSF certification to guarantee that it satisfies stringent requirements for the removal of contaminants and offers efficient filtration and clean drinking water.
  • Filter Media. To efficiently target impurities, choose a filter medium (such as activated carbon, KDF, or reverse osmosis) depending on your unique demands.
  • Filter Capacity. Opt for a device with high filter capacity to minimize the frequency of replacements.
  • System Installation and Maintenance. Look for products with easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Additional Features. Consider features like ultraviolet (UV) sterilization, sediment filters, or pre-filters based on your hydration concerns and available space.

Most importantly, remember, when you want to get a water filtration system, shop from a reliable store like Filterway so that you can be sure you’re buying high-quality products that will give you value for your money.