Aquaboon 5 Micron 20" x 4.5" Premium CTO Carbon Block & Premium GAC Replacement Filter Cartridges Set (2 PCS)

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Aquaboon 5 Micron Inch Replacement Filter Cartridges Set Features


Enjoy long-lasting coconut shell activated carbon water filters. It removes chlorine, taste and odor, other harmful industrial chemicals.



4 - 6 months / 20000 - 30000 gallons filter life (depending on the water quality). Replace to keep pleasant taste of your water.



BPA is the toxic chemical has been linked to causing reproductive, immunity, and neurological problems. Our filters are BPA FREE!



Aquaboon mission is to provide the highest quality of service and products in the water treatment industry.

[COMPLETELY CLEAN WATER] Make your home contamination-free by removing chlorine and other harmful industrial chemicals - Now you can drink water knowing it is 100% safe.

[LONG LASTING] Your water filters come in an airtight packaging, so you can trust it won’t go to waste, works better and lasts longer. Enjoy long-lasting coconut shell activated carbon water filters. Aquaboon – your smartest coconut shell water filter solution! Lifetime - 6 month (Replace once or twice times a year, depending on the water quality).

[GAC FILTER] Choosing our coconut granular activated carbon filter you will have no problems finding the right system, as it is universal and works with all standard 20" housings. Cartridge with 20” by 4.5” dimensions can filter up to a quarter gallon of water per second. Sealed packaging is to prevent a product until it’s arriving to your house. Consume water while being sure in its safety.

[CTO CARBON BLOCK] Our pure water coconut carbon filter is extensively tested and verified to meet health and product standards. Have a piece of mind knowing your water is purified with the superior Aquaboon filtration system.

[UNIVERSAL 20-INCH REPLACEMENT] Elegantly designed at 4.5” x 20”, it will fit all standard 20 inch Whole House filtration systems of 3M, GE, Culligan, ClearChoice, Dupont, Pentek, Omni, Hydronix, Trojan, Kenmore, Omnifilter, Pelican, Whirlpool, Watts, iSpring, Filtrete, etc. Your easy and smart coconut shell carbon filter.

[COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT FILTERS] Ace Hardware 4021341, American Plumber 155184-51, W5CPHD, Ametek CP5-BB, AquaPure AP810-2, Culligan 155184, CP5-BB, CP5-BBS, CP5-BBSa, ClearChoice 84634, 84646, 84647, Cuno CFS210-2, Dupont HDC3001, Flowmax FM-BB-20-1


AQUABOON GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS. Provide your home with pure, healthy and clean water by using this Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter. The Aquaboon Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter eliminates bad contamination from your water so you can have clean water wherever you go. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. Granular formulation is effective for better absorption and higher flow rate.

Aquaboon GAC Filters are available in 10", 20" lengths, 2.5", 4.5" diameters. Aquaboon GAC filters utilize high quality coconut shell carbon, resin (known to be one of the most effective media for removal of organic compounds including VOCs, radon, chlorine, bad taste and odor). Aquaboon GAC/Media Filters combine both quality and reliability at a competitive cost.

AQUABOON CARBON FILTERS. Provide your home with pure, healthy and clean water by using this Carbon Block Activated filter. The Aquaboon Activated Carbon Block eliminates bad contamination from your wat so you can have clean water wherever you go. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. Plastic net wrap PP non-woven fabric to steady the structure and more artistic. Outer layer is polypropylene non-woven fabric to filter the impurities & sludge.

Aquaboon Carbon Block Filters are manufactured with high purity coconut shell activated carbon and are available in a wide range of lengths, diameters, and micron ratings. Aquaboon Carbon Block Filters provide an excellent cost-to-performance value. With high chlorine reduction, great dirt-holding capacity, and greatly reduced carbon fines, you will soon make the Aquaboon filters your carbon block of choice. EFFECTIVELY REMOVES: Chlorine, Cloudiness, Bad taste & odors, Organic Chemicals.