KOREA Mineral Stone Filter Cartridge

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Mineral Stone Filter Cartridge contains over 40 different types of inorganic minerals to infuse water with a balanced dose of essential minerals such as calcium, manganese, potassium, magnesium and zinc. The filtered and purified water is infused with minerals while it is stored in the bottom tank for consumption. The mineral stones optimize the water pH level to mildly alkaline. The mineral stones are recommended for use without the basket.

  • Helps increase PH level producing healthy alkalinic water

  • Preserves purity and freshness for your stored water

  • Helps to sterilize and prevent secondary breeding of bacteria and other germs from stored water

  • Helps to remove heavy metals from your body. Enhances overall health and boosts immunity

  • Original Replacement Filter for your LeDoux, Zen, Santevia Water Filtration Systems