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Aquaboon Premium 5 Micron 10" x 2.5" Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Water Filter Replacement Cartridge, 6 Pack

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This 5 Micron 9.75 x 2.5 Inch. Premium Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Replacement Filter Cartridge is compatible with: Aquapure AP117, Omnifilter GAC 1, Pentek GAC-10, Whirlpool WHCF-GAC, American Plumber, Ametek , Aries, Bruner, Culligan, Everpure Costguard, Kleen Plus, OmniFilter, Plymouth Products, USFilter filter cartridges. FITS ALL STANDARD 10x2.5 INCH. REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS FILTER HOUSINGS

Regular Price: $39.43

Special Price $31.49

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Aquaboon 10 x 2.5 Inch. Premium Granular Activated Carbon Replacement Filter Cartridge Benefits:

Premium Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge is made of a highly porous adsorbent material, produced by heating organic matter, such as coal, wood and coconut shell, in the absence of air, which is then crushed into granules. Activated carbon is positively charged and therefore able to remove negative ions from the water such as ozone, chlorine, fluorides and dissolved organic solutes by absorption onto activated carbon. Universal Industry Standard size of 9.75” by 2.5” and is compatible with most industry standard RO Filter units.

  • [HIGH QUALITY] Choosing our coconut granular activated carbon filter you will have no problems finding the right system, as it is universal and works with all standard 10" housings. Cartridge with 9.75” by 2.5” dimensions can filter up to a quarter gallon of water per second. The 5 micron GAC replacement cartridge complies with NSF standard not to pose health risks. Sealed packaging is to prevent a product until it’s arriving to your house. Consume water while being sure in its safety.
  • [TIPS FOR USING] Install the 2.5" x 10" GAC filter whole house to the main water line for your needs to forget about dull colors after washing or using a lot of soap in the shower. Place the cartridge to the housing so that the end with rubber washer faces up. To give you an idea of the Aquaboon 10 inch GAC filter work process, water will flow from the lower part to the upper one. Let cartridge be rinsed from carbon fines passing 2-3 gallons of water after it’s startup.
  • [LIFETIME] The product must be replaced once or twice times a year (5000 gallons @ 1 PPM Chlorine). Comparable with carbon block type the premium 2.5" x 10" GAC water filter will not give you signs (water pressure drop) to be replaced. This one goes on letting the water come through without restrictions while it’s filtration ability starts declining. So, be careful and follow the given instruction. Carbon can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not to be changed in time.
  • [COMPATIBLE FILTERS] Ametek C-10, Dupont WFPFC9001, AquaPure AP117, Pentek GAC-10, GE FXUTC, Culligan D-20A, Omni GAC1, Dupont GAC-1, Cuno CFS117, Whirlpool WHKF-GAC, Everpure CGT-10, Ace Hardware 49640, Sears 34375, Hydronix HDG-P117, American Plumber WCC, HydroCure PC 36599, Dupont GAC1-SS, Tier2 GAC-10, 3M CFS117 / AP117, Dupont GAC1S, Dupont GAC1SS.
  • [COMPATIBLE FILTERS AND HOUSINGS] Dupont GAC1D, Dupont GAC1-S, Dupont GAC1-D, TrueValue 826-746, Flotec TO2, etc. Fits most standard 10 inch Undersink Reverse Osmosis or Water Filtration systems like Ametek CTR-210, Culligan RO-3000, RO-3500, RVF-10, SY-2000, SY-2650, US-600, Pentek US-1000, US-1500.
  • To keep your filter system operating efficiently, replace this cartridge as needed and on a regular basis. This can be 6-12 months for many residential applications.
  • Before putting a new cartridge in service, pass 2-3 gallons of water through to waste to flush out carbon fines.
  • Water flows from bottom to top with rubber gasket on top.
  • Cartridges are individually shrink wrapped for purity.

For residential and commercial applications 4 - 6 months filter life Removes large and fine particles
Perfectly sealed and designed to resist heat and other normal wear and tear that comes with active water usage. Very easy to install to your existing filtration systems.    Remastered to deliver up to a quarter gallon of water per second with one of the most advanced and high-efficiency filtration systems yet. Enjoy a long-lasting filter that can deliver large quantities of water fast.    Designed with a universal size of 10”. The cartridge can be used in Under Sink Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Applications but not for whole house applications.

This 9.75 x 2.5 Inch. granular activated carbon filter is compatible with: American Plumber (WGC), Aquapure (AP117), Ametek (GAC-10), Aries (AF-10-1050), Bruner (GAC-10), Culligan (GAC-10), Everpure Costguard (DEV9108-11, CGT-10), Kleen Plus (GAC-10), OmniFilter / Omni Filter (GAC1, GAC1-SS, GAC1-DS), Pentek (GAC-10, GAC10, CGT-10, 155109-43, 15510943,  GAC-10), Plymouth Products (GAC-10), USFilter / US Filter (GAC-10), Whirlpool (WHCF-GAC), as well as most other brands of water filters.

This filter cartridge fits: American Plumber (W34PR, W34-PR), Ametek (CTR-210), Culligan (HF-150, HF-150A, HF-160, HF-360, HF-365, US-550, US-560, SY-2000, SY-5167, SY-5197), Pentek #10 Slim Line housings, Most brands' 10" slim housings (Ametek, Bruner, Cuno, Harmsco, Keystone, Kleen Plus, Plymouth Products, USFilter, Water Resources, and other brands).

Primary Filter Media: Activated carbon block (Premium Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon), No Release of Carbon Fines
Removes/Reduces: Chlorine Taste & Odor, tastes of many organic and chemical compounds
Size: 9.75 x 2.5 Inch.
Fits: Fits all Standard 10 x 2.5 Inch. Filter Housings
Capacity: 5000 gallons @ 1 PPM Chlorine
Micron Rating (Nominal): 5 Micron
Flow Rate: 1 GPM
Temperature Rate: 40°F~125°F (4.4°C~51.7°C)
Used In Brands: American Plumber, Ametek , Aries, Bruner, Culligan, Everpure Costguard, Kleen Plus, OmniFilter, Pentek, Plymouth Products, USFilter, Whirlpool compatible
Lifetime: 6 month (Replace once or twice times a year, depending on the water quality)
Manufacturer: Aquaboon
Warranty: 6 month

Aquaboon 10 x 2.5 Inch. Granular Activated Carbon Replacement Filter Cartridge Reduces:

Particulates (Class I)
Lead at pH 6.5

Water filtered with Aquaboon 10 x 2.5 Inch. Granular Activated Carbon Replacement Filter Cartridge Can Be Used For The Following Purposes:



Drinking Water Systems



Home Brewing