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5 Pack Of Arrowpure Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement for LG LT700P, ADQ36006101, Kenmore 46-9690 APF-1400X5

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label60x60 This refrigerator filter is Tested and Certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI 42 for materials safety and structural integrity.
APF-1400 is certified high-quality refrigerator water filter for popular and well established models of SearsKenmore & LG refrigerators. Buy Refrigerator Water filters online with free shipping!

Regular Price: $48.99

Special Price $41.39

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APF-1400 is certified high-quality refrigerator water filter for popular and well established models of refrigerators. This refrigerator filter is WQA approved with a gold seal and is also engaged in continual testing in order to offer our valued clients the best solutions on the market at all times.

  • DRINK CLEAN & TASTY WATER - Arrowpure water fridge filters are tested and certified according to WQA: NSF 42 and NSFI 372. Effectively remove any chemicals, cysts, asbestos, particulates, lead, mercurchlorine, or unhealthy contaminants from your refrigerator water with the Arrowpure premium water filter replacement. After the filtration the healthy minerals are still intact, leaving you with tasty, healthy water day in, day out.
  • IMMENSE COMPATIBILITY - Refrigerator water filters are meant to be replaced regularly. Our premium LG refrigerator filter replacement ensures that the water your consuming is healthy and pure, healthy and tasty. Arrowpure replacement filters are compatible with the following refrigerator models: EcoAqua EFF-6032A Kenmore 46-9690, PH21410 LG 46-9690, 469690, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, ADQ36006102S, EFF-6032A, FML-3, FML3, HDX-FML-3, LFX25978ST
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Never replaced a LG refrigerator water filter before? That's not a problem! These replacement fridge filters come with easy to understand instructions so you can have yours ready in under a minute. You'll love that installation takes no tools, no time and no effort!
  • ENJOY A 6-MONTH WARRANTY – Even though they are long-lasting, just for your peace of mind, we guarantee a six-month life span for each of our premium filters. That translated to over 400 gallons of clean, healthy water right from your refrigerator.
  • YOUR 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE – You installed it and you are not happy with your new replacement fridge filter? No problem. We're happy to offer 100% of your money back if you're not completely satisfied with the results of your new filter. That's right, this is your risk-free purchase!

Arrowpure APF-1400 Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge Is Compatible With:

Aquacrest (Aqua Crest): AQF-LT700P, AQFLT700P
AquaFresh (Aqua Fresh): WF700
BestChoise (Best Choise): BCF70
Bristi: LP-1400P
Clear Choice (ClearChoice): CLCH106
Clearwasser: CW-LT700P
Crystala Filters: CF4
EcoAqua: EFF-6032A
EcoBlueLife (Eco Blue Life): EBL7700
EternaWater (Eterna Water): EWRF1014
Excelpure: EP-LT700P
Fabfill: OP-1200A
IcePure: RFC1200A, RFC-1200A
Kenmore: 9690, 46-9690, 469690, Kenmore9690, Kenmore46-9690, KenmoreClear!, KenmoreClear
Lafedy: LT700P
LG: 46-9690, 9690, 176272, 469690, 2790072, 6523393, 4609690000, 48231783705, 79572032110, 04609690000p, 46-9690, 7364289S, 795.7205, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102S, ADQ36006102-S, EFF-6032A, FML3, FML-3, HDX-FML-3, LFX25978ST, LFX25991ST, LFX28978ST, LFX31925, LFX31925ST, LFX31925SW, LFX31945ST, LGEADQ36006101, LMX31985ST, LT700P, LT700PC, PD00001835
New View (NewView): NV120A, NVW-145
Odoga: LT700P
OnePurify: RFC1200A, RFC-1200A
PureGreen: PG-700P, PG700P
PureH2O (Pure H2O): PH21410, PH-21410
Pure Line (PureLine): PL-500, PL500
PurePlus (Pure Plus): PP-RWF1200A, PPRWF1200A
Purity Pro (PurityPro): PF01
Sears: 9690, 46-9690, 469690, Kenmore9690, Kenmore46-9690, KenmoreClear!, KenmoreClear
SwiftGreen (Swift Green): SGF-LA07, SGFLA07
Tier1: RWF-1052, RWF1052, WF700
Think Crucial (ThinkCrucial): LT700P
Waterdrop (Water Drop): WD-LT700P, WDLT700P
Waterfall Filter: WFC2401, WF-C2401
Water Sentinel (WaterSentinel): WSL-3, WSL3
Water Filter Tree (WaterFilterTree): WLF-01

Arrowpure APF-1400 refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge Reduces:

Particulates (Class I)
Lead at pH 6.5
Lead at pH 8.5