Aquaboon 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

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75 GALLONS PER DAY Of Clean Filtered Water EXTRACTS CONTAMINANTS INCLUDES 5 FILTER CARTRIDGES Reverse osmosis is one of the few ways to get an absolutely clean water at home, it is uses on submarines and... Read More

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REVERSE OSMOSIS is by far the most advanced technology of water purification in use today. Special semipermeable membrane structure similar in its properties to the membrane of a living cell is capable of purifying drinking water from virtually all harmful impurities, including nitrates and viruses. The membrane can be conceived of as having tiny pores, 200 times smaller than viruses and 4000 times smaller than bacteria.

FDA Acceptable Components Lead Free Faucet Coconut Carbon Filtration

AQUABOON REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM will be a great purchase to make your water really clean and healthy. It has everything you need for easy installation. This system has FIVE stages of filtration: